Horticulture Equipment in Ontario

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    Model Certa - Pumps

    Superior viscous handling. EHEDG Type EL - Class 1. Up to 50% less power than other pumps. Low shear and virtually no pulsation.

    By Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group Office in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA). from MasoSine Process Pumps Product line

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    Flottweg Sedicanter(R) - Model S3E, S4E, S6E - Flottweg Sedicanter®

    Flottweg Sedicanter separates solids from liquids. Its special feature: the solids consist of a sediment with properties ranging between soft and fluid.Typical applications of the Sedicanter are 'soft products':► Biomass, yeast and protein suspensions.► Fermentation broths and UF retentate► CIP cleaning liquids and coarse matter-free live sludge► ...

    By Flottweg SE Office in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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    Flottweg Tricanter(R) - Tricanter®

    The Flottweg Tricanter® For Three-Phase SeparationIn three-phase separation, it is possible to separated two liquid phases from one solid phase at the same time. The Flottweg Tricanter® is the perfect partner for separating these three phases.Tricanter® - Typical Applications For Three-Phase Separation- Processing of sludges containing oil from ...

    By Flottweg SE Office in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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    Model RN221N - Active Barrier with Optional HART Diagnosis

    Active barrier with power supply for safe separation of 4...20 mA current circuits. The active barrier RN221N supplies e.g. a transmitter with power, if required also in the Ex-area, and then transmits the galvanically isolated signal. With the optionally available HART® monitoring the status of the transmitter is monitored. If an error arises ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from System Products Product line

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    Memograph - Model M RSG40 - Advanced Graphic Data Manager

    Paperless recording, visualization and monitoring of the process values at the same time. Safe and complete recording and visualization of all process sequences. The Memograph M RSG40 has a wide range of functionality, modular construction and a intuitive operator concept. With its brilliant 7” TFT display it is possible to display process ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Data Acquisition and Components Product line

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    Purolite - Model CT124 - Polystyrenic Gel Strong Acid Cation Resin Hydrogen form, Catalyst, Low Cross Linked

    Principal Applications: Bisphenol-A synthesis.

    By Purolite Corporation Office in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Strong Acid Cation Gel Products Product line

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    Fieldgate - Model SFG500 - Intelligent Ethernet/PROFIBUS Gateway

    Parallel access to PROFIBUS networks, monitoring of PROFIBUS and HART device status. Fieldgate SFG500 is a system component that provides an independent access route to a PROFIBUS network. It may be used in a variety of applications that are supported by specific operating modes. Fieldgate SFG500 may be used in a variety of applications that are ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from System Products Product line

  • Model PRX-FOHV-7MWP-4.3 - Forestry Harvester System

    Forestry Harvester System, Waterproof Monitor 7 inch, Industrial Camera, Cables, Cam Guard. Part # PRX-FOHV-7MWP-4.3.

    By Provix Inc. based in Alliston, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Forestry Product line

  • Eclipse Canopy

    EL Model: Black formed roof, Black structure. ES Model: Black formed roof, Black structure, (2) Front worklights with console mounted switch, (4) Directional lights. EX Model: Black formed roof, Black structure, Standard formed headliner covering the accessories, Dome light with built-in switch, Ignition cut-off solenoid, (2) Front working lights ...

    By Laurin Inc. Office in Alexandria, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Canopies Product line

  • Stump Blaster - Skid Steer Stump Grinder

    Stump Blaster skid steer stump grinders are available in 4 models with a total of 7 hydraulic motor options to make the most of your skid steer performance. Baumalight has multiple motor options for hydraulic flows from 10–40 GPM. Use the Grind Time chart to find the right motor and stump grinder for you. All skid steer Stump Blaster ...

    By Mtb Mfg Inc -Baumalight based in Wallenstein, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Stump Grinders Product line

  • Model 500 SERIES - Mulchers

    Whether you are clearing a site for further development, blazing or maintaining a trail or taming an overgrown fence row, Brush Fire 500 Series has an appetite for clearing the way.The heart of the Brush Fire system is the design of the rotor. Rows and rows of brush destroying teeth placed in Dual Staggered Spirals. Each tooth is carbide tipped ...

    By Mtb Mfg Inc -Baumalight based in Wallenstein, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Mulchers Product line

  • Black Colored Mulch

    The best gardeners combine colors in their planting beds and black mulch makes a stunning compliment to flowers and green plants (including lawn)and sidewalks. Black is a chic fashion color and with the colorant process, will not fade for up to a year. Search for stores around your location (Please contact store for availability)

    By Harvest Power, Inc Office in London City, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Mulch Product line

  • Sinclair - Model TL3 - Fruit & Vegetable Labelling Solutions

    The Sinclair TL3 is a versatile, stand alone - pattern labeling unit, easily capable of being moved from one labeling point to another. The TL3 can also be integrated into a packing line. Throughput is 400 to 1,000 trays per hour, depending on tray pattern and infeed efficiency. Can hold 68 pre-programmed tray patterns. Ideal for ...

    By N.M Bartlett Inc based in Beamsville, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Leaf Wetness Sensor

    The Decagon Leaf Wetness Sensor (LWS) determines the presence and duration of canopy wetness, allowing you to forecast disease and protect the plant canopy. Because the Leaf Wetness Sensor measures the dielectric constant, droplets do not need to bridge electrical traces for the sensor to detect moisture. The presence of water or ice anywhere on ...

    By Rain Bird Corporation Office in ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Climate Control Systems

    Computerized climate control systems to automate the various greenhouse systems to achieve the optimal climate for your crop. The software is very user-friendly as it operates in an interactive graphic environment.

    By Prins Greenhouses Office in Vineland Station, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Tree Baskets

    Designed to work hand in hand with Holt Tree Spades, and other leading spades. These single wire wound baskets are robot wound and welded for a no surprise fit every time. The basketing process is simplified with these sturdy baskets. Basketed trees make for easy removal, delivery and planting. Our prices include shipping. Call today for a quote.

    By Holt Industrial based in Wallenstein, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Tree Baskets & Burlap Liners Product line

  • Model 250W 230V - Inter Light

    Comes in single or triplets for use between the plant rows. Adjustable heights

    By Gavita As Office in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Inter Light Product line

  • Road Crossings

    For use with 4-, 6-, 8-, 12- and 18-inch pipelines, Atlas road ramps provide a temporary crossing for low-traffic industrial, mining, commercial and residential areas where vehicular access over a pipeline is required.

    By Atlas Dewatering Corporation based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Other Products Product line

  • Greenhouse Benches

    1 1/2' x 16 gauge steel bench stands on 8' centers. Hot dip galvanized. 1' sq. x 14 gauge level adjustment tubes. 1/2' adjustment rods for 3' variable. Standard height: 30' at bench rail. Foot plates are welded to bench stands. 14 gauge Galvalume roll formed bench crossers at 22' centers. Extruded aluminum bench side rail. 3/4' 13 gauge expanded ...

    By Erie Structures based in Tillsonburg, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Lean-to Greenhouse

    Economical additional floor space and storage area, Connection lean-tos allow you to connect structures with different gutter heights, Easy to attach to buildings, Provides wind resistance, Easy to relocate if adding more greenhouses to the side in the future, Can help maximize land usage by using a custom sized lean-to.

    By GGS Structures Inc. based in Vineland Station, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Structures Product line

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