Horticulture Equipment in Ontario

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    SMB ScrapeRake - Landscape Standalone Tool With Unlimited Uses

    Standalone Tool With Unlimited Uses; Scraper and Rake in one tool. Glass filled nylon 16” head with 12 prongs. Durable and lightweight for contractor or homeowner use. Self standing for easy storage. Great for spreading / levelling pea stone, sand, topsoil, mulch, gravel, wet concrete and removing floating weeds and debris from ponds .

    By SMB Manufacturing Inc. based in Wallenstein, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Landscape Standalone Tool With Unlimited Uses Product line

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    SMB hogflo - Model CB-N-BOWL - Nursery Cup Bowl

    Bowl only. Nursery piglet size. Stainless steel construction. Dimensions: (HxWxD) 8.5' x 6' x 4'.

    By SMB Manufacturing Inc. based in Wallenstein, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Nursery Cup Bowl Product line

  • Dutchman - Dirt Cover

    Dutchman's new dirt cover assures the least amount of soil lost while in transport. Two fabricated metal plates with a horseshoe cutout also allow the operator to easily center the tree trunk.

    By Dutchman Industries Inc based in Brougham, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Dirt Cover Product line

  • Dehydrated Manure & Humus

    High in organic matter that offers benefits to all types of flowers, vegetable and garden plants. The decomposition of this dehydrated manure and humus will keep a steady supply of organic matter in your soil. Ideal as a soil additive and plant topdressing.

    By Harvest Power, Inc Office in London City, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Dehydrated Manure & Humus Product line

  • Black Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch

    Black-colored hardwood mulch. State of the art coloring processes using the highest technology colorizer machines and non-toxic colorants engineered to last longer and provide superior coverage.

    By Harvest Power, Inc Office in London City, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Black Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch Product line

  • Dutchman - Tree Tyer

    Dutchman's on-going commitment to building quality nursery machinery continues with the introduction of our new 'Tree Tyer'. The focus on building a quality tyer meant that a top ring was needed to funnel the branches accordingly. It also called for a hydraulic gate system and an inverted steel ring. The inverted steel ring allows for a smoother ...

    By Dutchman Industries Inc based in Brougham, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Tree Tyer Product line

  • High Tunnel Crop Protector

    Extends the growing season - crops will benefit from both an earlier spring harvest, and a longer fall/winter season. Provides frost protection, better environmental control, and significant yield gains. Reduces moisture, which helps prevent botrytis, mildew, and other moisture related diseases. Reduction in scorch and bleaching of produce, and ...

    By GGS Structures Inc. based in Vineland Station, ONTARIO (CANADA). from High Tunnel Crop Protector Product line

  • Reist Industries - Model 24 - AeraSeeder

    The REIST INDUSTRIES 24SP AERASEEDER provides simple, yet accurate initial and overseeding, in those 'hard to get at' places. At only 34' wide, with a seeding area of 24', this mighty little machine will quickly overseed your golf greens or fit through a backyard gate. The multi-spiked roller produces approximately 800 perforations holes per ...

    By Reist Industries Inc. based in Elmira, ONTARIO (CANADA). from AeraSeeder Product line

  • Coldframes

    Coldframes constructed of high quality steel arches to provide long lasting protection from rust and corrosion, Easy to build on-site and add-on sections are available to extend their length, A coldframe is an excellent structure for the first time grower as well as large scale nursery production, Can be covered with a variety of poly coverings ...

    By GGS Structures Inc. based in Vineland Station, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Coldframes Product line

  • JVK - Plants

    JVK has the industry’s widest assortment of proven and reliable Genetics from the top growers across Canada and internationally. Our rooted and unrooted solutions from the top producers provide you with reliable and profitable solutions. From the proven reliability of JVK rooted cuttings to the marketing strength of Proven Winners®, we have many ...

    By JVK based in St. Catharines, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Dutchman - Model 60 - Truck-Mounted Straight-Blade Tree Transplanting Spades

    Dutchman’s straight-blade 60” truck mount is ideal for digging up to 6” trees. This unit can be mounted to a 33,000GVW, single-axle truck. Minimum cab-to-axle needs to be 120 inches. An optional “Wobble-Tail” can be manufactured for this unit as well making it an ideal, compact package for digging in tight areas. ...

    By Dutchman Industries Inc based in Brougham, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Truck-Mounted Straight-Blade Tree Transplanting Spades Product line

  • Spectrum Variable Lamp System

    Spectrum variable lamp system for use as overhead production of tall plants on tables, both as supplementary to sunlight and as single light source.

    By Intravision Group AS Office in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Fertilizer

    Fertilizers are food for plants. They help farmers feed our growing population. Fertilizers help replenish essential nutrients in the soil. Plants require 17 essential nutrients in the soil to survive and to grow. Nitrogen, phosphate and potassium are the three most important nutrients for high crop yields and sustainable food production.

    By Devron Sales Ltd. based in Wainfleet, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Fertilizer Product line

  • Granular Humic Acid

    An organic growth simulant and soil supplement enriched with wide range of naturally occurring minerals and plant based materials. It is recommended for use in all types of soils & crops including fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, turf and ornamentals. Because of its high organic content it is especially useful for soils that are low in organic ...

    By AG Global LLC based in Collingwood, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Granular Humic Acid Product line

  • Model GM01 - Strawberries Cultivation Meteor Systems

    For a number of years now, Meteor Systems has been developing innovative systems especially for use in strawberry cultivation. No matter your cultivation technique, we have an appropriate solution for you. Let us know how you cultivate and what the ideal starting situation is for your company. We’re sure to find the most appropriate solution ...

    By Meteor Systems BV Office in Leamington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Strawberries Cultivation Meteor Systems Product line

  • Rock - Model 0-3-0 - Phosphate

    Most soils are deficient of Phosphorus, therefore, to obtain superior quality of produce its addition to soil is must. ROCK PHOSPHATE is a good organic source of Phosphorus (P) and contains fair amount of wide range of minerals. It helps in building stronger root system, especially in roses. Its addition to compost enriches it with valuable ...

    By AG Global LLC based in Collingwood, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Phosphate Product line

  • HOLT - Model 44S - Skid Steer and Loader

    Ready to spade thousands of trees and recommended for trunk sizes up to 4.5' the Holt 44S has a 44' rootball diameter. The Holt 44S is ready to be mounted to your skidsteer, other mounting options are available contact for details.

    By Holt Industrial based in Wallenstein, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Skid Steer and Loader Product line

  • Aromatic Cedar Mulch Blend

    Eastern cedar blended with other white wood makes this light-colored mulch with a noticeable aroma. The light color provides a nice contrast to darker rich foliage and flowers. A byproduct of the lumber industry, this mulch is ideal for weed control and water conservation.

    By Harvest Power, Inc Office in London City, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Aromatic Cedar Mulch Blend Product line

  • Bright - Model 8 - Tower Farm Wall

    This Farm Wall is designed to provide a low-maintenance, high-yield hydroponic growing system that comes as a complete and customizable kit.  The ZipGrow Farm Wall is a complete hydroponic setup that accommodates 5' ZipGrow Towers.             

    By ZipGrow Inc. based in Cornwall, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Tower Farm Wall Product line

  • Sensors for Process Control System

    Sensors are an essential component in every process control system. Without measurements, controls cannot be managed efficiently. Hoogendoorn offers a wide range of sensors. In addition to simple sensors for measuring water and air temperature, we also supply advanced sensors to determine microclimate and the activity of your crop. Plants grow ...

    By Hoogendoorn Office in Vineland, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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