Horticulture Equipment in Indiana

  • Oxbo - Model 8000 - Blueberry Harvester

    The Oxbo 8000 blueberry harvester brings together the Korvan brand's 25 year of experience in the berry market with Oxbo's commitment to continually improving products to a harvester that delivers a superior end product. The single drop delivery system on the Oxbo 8000 allows a quick transport of fruit from the plant into a tote or lug. The single ...

    By Oxbo International Corporation Office in Shipshewana, INDIANA (USA). from Blueberry Harvester Product line

  • Bisomer - Model FCC 30 - Polyalkylene Glycol Antifoam / Defoamer

    Concentrated 100% active anti-foam. Kosher & Halaal certified . FDA 21CFR compliant. BfR Recommendation XXXVI compliant.

    By GEO Specialty Chemicals based in Lafayette, INDIANA (USA). from Polyalkylene Glycol Antifoam / Defoamer Product line

  • 3-Point Hitch Kits and Components

    The AMA group has a plant in Italy and one in India that both produce standard and custom 3-point hitch kits. In addition to the complete system, they also produce a range of spare parts, including joints, couplings, ball ends, hooks, adjustable leveling arms, check chains, U-shackles, turnbuckles, pins, and clips. See our catalog (below) for more ...

    By AMA USA, Inc. based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA).

  • Oxbo - Model 35 Series - Dump Carts

    With over 50 years of vegetable harvesting experience, Oxbo understands your need to get your valuable crops from the field quickly and efficiently. Backed by Oxbo’s three decades of experience proving industry leading dump carts, the new Oxbo 35 series delivers unprecedented durability and increased flexibility in its design. Made to ...

    By Oxbo International Corporation Office in Shipshewana, INDIANA (USA). from Dump Carts Product line

  • Oxbo - Model 930 - Berry Harvester

    Oxbo builds on the strength of the Korvan brand with the model 930, an tow-behind harvester that efficiently harvests blueberries, raspberries, jojoba, saskatoons and other fruit crops. The design of the Oxbo 930 allows efficient in-field operation and effective harvesting. The 930 boasts a full sized picking tunnel capable of harvesting large ...

    By Oxbo International Corporation Office in Shipshewana, INDIANA (USA). from Berry Harvester Product line

  • Muncie - Trunnion Mount Cylinders

    Our trunnion mount cylinders not only offer a mounting style allowing for increased capacity in the dump body through a significant reduction or elimination of the dog house, but also many other features. Offered in both three and four stage versions, the trunnion mount features strict machining tolerances, solid stop contact faces* and larger ...

    By Muncie Power Products, Inc. (MPP) based in Muncie, INDIANA (USA). from Trunnion Mount Cylinders Product line

  • Land Pride - Model APS15 Series - All Purpose Seeders

    The APS15 Series All Purpose Seeders are excellent combination planting and cultivation tools for golf courses, school systems, municipalities, rental yards, construction companies, sports fields, and college campuses. Their narrower widths make them effective in seeding applications on residential lots, grassy medians, or rights-of-way adjacent ...

    By Land Pride - Great Plains Manufacturing Office in INDIANA (USA). from All Purpose Seeders Product line

  • TRAC VAC - Model 455 - Truck Loader Vac

    A 6.5 HP Briggs and Stratton Intek I/C engine powers the six-bladed air turbine for maximum air flow and pick-up efficiency. The engine features throttle control, stop switch, ball-bearing on the PTO side, electronic ignition, oil dip-stick and durable lowtone muffler. Optional engines include the Briggs and Stratton 6.5 HP Intek Pro, Kohler CS ...

    By Palmor Products Inc based in Thorntown, INDIANA (USA). from Truck Loader Vac Product line

  • Jacob Cline Bee Balm

    Very large, bright red florets appear in tight clusters atop stocky, square stems from midsummer to fall. This variety is one of the most mildew resistant as reported throughout the United States. It was discovered in Georgia and introduced into the trade by Saul Nursery. Monarda is native to eastern North America, so it is easy to grow and it ...

    By Michigan Bulb Company based in Lawrenceburg, INDIANA (USA).

  • Oxbo - Model 9200 - Coffee Harvester

    For almost two decades, leading coffee growers around the world have trusted the durability of model 9200 harvesters to harvest the highest quality coffee while reducing labor costs. The next generation Oxbo 9220 builds on the reputation and design of Korvan harvesters currently running in Brazil.

    By Oxbo International Corporation Office in Shipshewana, INDIANA (USA). from Coffee Harvester Product line

  • Mulch Film

    We can supply products to help increase your crop yield through our climate-engineered plastic mulch film.

    By Berry Plastics Corporation based in Evansville, INDIANA (USA). from Mulch Film Product line

  • Platinum - Model A6533 - Corn Hybrids

    Strengths Outstanding yield potential under high management Ideal combmatic* of yield potential and ogronomks (onsislenl gilhy ears with deep kernels. Weaknesses Average test weight and drydown. Management Tips Very good (hoke for no till and reduced tillage syslerns Plant at medium to higher plant populations to maximize yield Oplimum performance ...

    By AgriGold Office in Westfield, INDIANA (USA). from Corn Hybrids Product line

  • TRAC VAC - Model 565 - Zero Turn Mower

    The Model 565-CKG was designed for the new stand on riders. Where performance and maneuverability are a must the 565-CKG sweeps the competition. The Model 565-CKG is powered by a 6HP Kohler Command CS engine featuring: overhead valve design and splash lubrication for maximum power-torque-and reliability, electronic ignition, throttle control, and ...

    By Palmor Products Inc based in Thorntown, INDIANA (USA). from Zero Turn Mower Product line

  • DASH - Test System

    The Dash Test System is a low-cost turnkey functional tester for ECU software development. The unit provides a platform to interact virtually with vehicle hardware. It replaces many unwieldy, unmaintainable test harnesses with a single hardware interface. Users can save time and money by testing multiple machines with a single hardware package and ...

    By DISTek Integration, Inc. Office in Urbandale,, INDIANA (USA).

  • Lettuces Production for Greenhouse

    Hydroponic means growing without soil. From there, several different systems have been put together since the early sixties, starting mostly in England and Israel. Early systems were very basic, replacing soil by growing media like sand, peat moss or rockwool.

    By Hydronov LLC based in Ashley, INDIANA (USA). from Lettuces Production for Greenhouse Product line

  • AgTec - Model GS2 - Air Blast Sprayers

    New from AgTec, the GS-2 is designed short, narrow, and compact specifically for grapes and blueberries. It can also be used in dwarf apples. It uses the same time tested and proven AgTec technology which makes our sprayers so durable and reliable. It’s unique design makes it a smart and economical choice for small to medium sized growers. ...

    By Superb Horticulture/AgTec based in Plymouth, INDIANA (USA). from Air Blast Sprayers Product line

  • Oxbo - Model 9120 - Raspberry Harvester

    IQF Harvester: Oxbo is proud to introduce the new model 9120, designed to harvest IQF raspberries. Working with industry experts, Oxbo design engineers built the 9120 with a fruit delivery system geared toward maintaining the highest possible fruit quality from the plant to the flat.

    By Oxbo International Corporation Office in Shipshewana, INDIANA (USA). from Raspberry Harvester Product line

  • Oxbo - Model 6430 - Olive Harvester

    Oxbo delivers a custom harvesting solution to the Super High Density Olive market. The American made Oxbo 6430 delivers in-field reliability, productivity, and high quality olives. Using feedback from industry growers, processors, and nurseries, Oxbo designed the 6430 from the ground up with a focus on providing a customer Super High Density Olive ...

    By Oxbo International Corporation Office in Shipshewana, INDIANA (USA). from Olive Harvester Product line

  • 70% Neem Oil

    A natural way to control mildew and several bugs! Neem Oil controls black spot, rust and mildew, and kills mites and insects including whitefly, aphid and scale. Safe for use indoor or out on ornamental plants, flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs as well as fruit and nut crops.

    By Urban Farmer based in Westfield, INDIANA (USA). from 70% Neem Oil Product line

  • Model 650 - Hydraulic Preset Valve

    A normally closed, hydraulically balanced piston control valve allows for auto-batch preset deliveries. The inline, two–stage control valve is mechanically linked to Veeder Root Preset Counter.

    By Total Control Systems (TCS) based in Fort Wayne, INDIANA (USA). from Hydraulic Preset Valve Product line

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