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Horticulture Equipment

  • Model PTH 300 - Drum Chipper

    This is the smallest model in the COMPACT line of Pezzolato drum chippers. Both the inlet width, which allows the passage of material up to 500 x 300 mm, combined with the machine compactness, make it ideal for those who produce wood chips as fuel for domestic heating systems, for agricultural tourism, hotels, greenhouses, schools, or for those ...

    By Pezzolato S.p.A. based in Envie Cuneo, ITALY. from Drum Chippers Product line

  • Berry Bushes

    The former for the cutting of berry bushes is used for forming the shrubs in a V-form. It prevents the growth of sapling ends and facilitates the fruit harvest with the harvester.  The cutting of thw unnecessary saplings from the shrub center should be done manually. The cut sapling must be removed from the planting or crushed with the rotary ...

    By Feucht Obsttechnik based in Erbstetten, GERMANY. from Berry Harvester Product line

  • Model МП-320 - Wheel Loader

    'BELARUS' MP-320 loader is designed for handling operations, short-distance transportation of bulk materials, site levelling, backfilling with fill ground; road, footpaths and squares cleaning from refuse and new snow. The vehicle consists of 'Belarus-320.3/320.4' base tractor and loading equipment. Manufacturer. Republican Unitary Enterprise ...

    By Minsk Tractor Works (MTW) based in Minsk, BELARUS. from Special Purpose Machinery Product line

  • ASA-LIFT - Model OT Series - Onion Topper

    The Onion Harvesters from Asa-Lift are some of the most used onion harvesters on the market. The machines are sold in more than 60 countries around the world. Asa-Lift produce both Onion Harvesters and Onion WindRowers. Secures efficient topping of Onions before windrowing. The Onion Toppers covers machines for 150, 180, 200, and 225 cm bed ...

    By ASA-LIFT A/S based in Sorø, DENMARK.

  • Model MK - Tractor Mounted Cabbage Harvesters

    The MK (tractor mounted cabbage harvester)and the TK (tractor trailed cabbage harvester)series - Harvest of Cabbage for the fresh market and for the industry. the experience of cabbage harvesting world wide is built into the new-designed pick-up sections and brings the grower trouble-free harvesting with low maintainance and operations costs.

    By ASA-LIFT A/S based in Sorø, DENMARK.

  • Darwin - Blossom Thinner

    Excellent fruit size and quality are achieved by using the Darwin mechanical blossom thinner. Thinning is mandatory in order to reach high fruit quality and high yields. This is very important with new apple cultivars with high flowering intensity and high fruit-charge. The regulation of the fruit is one of the most important crop factors that ...

    By NP Seymour LTD based in Cranbrook, UNITED KINGDOM. from Machinery Product line

  • FOX - Rear Mounted Flail Mower

    The flail mower mod. FOX is used for grass cut (Mulching) and verticut on grass fields.The flail mower Fox is Engineered to be mounted on light tractors three points linkage with low HP power and with high PTO shaft linkage position. This flail mower can be fitted on rear tractor three points linkage only, performing an excelent gruss cutting ...

    By Peruzzo Srl based in Curtarolo, ITALY. from Green-Pro Products Product line

  • Pasture Topper Rotary Mower

    The Spearhead Pasture Topper is ideal for vegetation maintenance in agricultural and amenity applications. The machine features a modern monocoque deck design that is amongst the strongest on the market with box section reinforcement at both the front and rear. The drivetrain is continuously belt driven to provide extensive output and a blade tip ...

    By Spearhead Machinery Ltd based in Evesham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Rotary Mowers Product line

  • Model MS1 - Multi Spray Machine

    The Steketee Multispray is specially developed for weed control in all row crops. This method enables applying Round-Up on crops. The Multispray is best mounted on the tractor front in combination with the Steketee Front Linkage Device. The Multispray consists of a bearer with two furrow wheels and drawbar points for mounting on the front linkage ...

    By Machinefabriek Steketee BV based in Stad aan `t Haringvliet, NETHERLANDS. from Chemical Weeding Product line

  • PVFM - Model M450 Series - Mulchers

    Applications: Landscaping, Farming, Municipal, Site Preparation, Composting. Functions: Slash reduction, recreating trails, reducing thin timber stands, mulching slash piles, brush cutting, orchard pruning, pasture restoration, eradicating undesirable vegetation. Technical Description:The AHWI M450 Mulcher is an attachment for smaller tractors ...

    By Paul Vidgen Forest Machines Ltd based in Ascot, UNITED KINGDOM. from PTO Mulchers Product line

  • Sundance - Power Broom

    Ideal for sweeping crop debris from beds with plastic mulch. Sweeps with minimal tearing allowing for re-use of the plastic mulch. Hydraulics operate from tractor. Available in one row configuration only for wide beds 60'-86'. Category II 3-point linkage mounted.

    By Arizona Drip Systems, Inc. based in Coolidge, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Dücker - Model UMT 10/13/15/18 - Uni-Mower

    The compact construction of the universal usable mower-, mulcher- and crusher machines UMT makes them specially suitable for small tractors from 13 kW (18 HP) upwards. They are available in working widths of 1.0, 1.3, 1.5 and 1.8 meters. The versatile adjustment possibilities of the attachment point of the three-point hydraulic, enables the ...

    By Gerhard Dücker GmbH & Co. KG based in Stadtlohn (DE), GERMANY. from Uni-Mower Product line

  • Dücker - Model MBM 400 - Embankment Mower

    The embankment mower MBM is specially-designed for front-mounting on local carrier or tractor of the 80 HP-class (approx. 6 tons). The power of the working equipment be provided by in the device integrated hydraulic system, which is driven by the PTO-shaft, or the hydraulic system of the carrier vehicle will be used. The basic unit serve for ...

    By Gerhard Dücker GmbH & Co. KG based in Stadtlohn (DE), GERMANY. from Embankment Mower Product line

  • Model 200 - Post & Tree Puller

    Remlinger Manufacturing offers the rugged PFM Post & Tree Puller as a simple approach to pulling trees and posts. Designed to pull trees from 1' to 6' in diameter and posts from 1' to 12' in diameter with the high lifting capacity on both 3-point tractor (optional equipment) and skid steer loaders. Unique jaws and clamps are grade 50 steel and ...

    By Remlinger Manufacturing based in Kalida, OHIO (USA). from PFM Products Product line

  • Model VBL - V-Blade Leveler

    The Schmeiser V Blade Leveler is the ideal tool for spring leveling of orchard floors that are flood irrigated. The V Blade Leveler will knock down the high spots and fill in the low areas that are created from trash left from harvest or ruts from tractor tires. This becomes a problem during irrigation when water tends to run on one side or the ...

    By T. G. Schmeiser Co., Inc based in Selma, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Orchard Levelers Product line

  • Harvester Mounted Sprayer

    FMR's Harvester Mounted Sprayer offers a new level of efficiency, spraying three complete rows in a single pass, using the R-Series shrouding system to eliminate drift and recapture unused spray. Mounted on a harvester tractor unit or ‘tool carrier’, this machine has been carefully designed to allow operators to work in terraced or ...

    By FMR Group Ltd based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Vineyard Spraying Product line

  • Tuthill - Model SL81e - Multi Directional Tree Shaker

    The SL81e is a highly developed versatile tree shaker that is tractor mounted and can work in both bush or standard orchards. It mounts directly onto the tractor’s three point linkage. It is fast and powerful yet gentle on the trees. It swings sideways from the tractor to grip trees in rows up to 7.3 metres (24 feet) wide. The shaker head ...

    By Tuthill Temperley based in Banbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Tuthill - Shuttler Tree Shaker

    The Shuttler is an economical tree shaker that is mounted on a tractor’s three point linkage. A wire rope fixed to a crankshaft on the shaker is attached to the tree to be shaken. Trees of all sizes can be shaken, from the largest standard tree to the youngest bush tree.

    By Tuthill Temperley based in Banbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • ARTICULATED - Tractor Mounted Low Volume Sprayers

    ARTICULATED SPRAYMIST with three point linkage of spraying head to tractor and tank unit on trailer frame. The articulation allows steering in tight spaces, facilitating manoeuvre and entry in rows. SPRAYMISTis a line of pneumatic sprayers for low-volume treatment of specialised crops using a plant protection technique combining efficiency and ...

    By Mantovani Giuseppe & Antonio S.R.L based in Belfiore (VR), ITALY. from Tractor Mounted Low Volume Sprayers Product line

  • Model FLGR - Split Top Grapple Rake

    Designed for today’s modern skid steer and tractor front loaders. Available in 62” or 77” width, the split top design provides dual upper grapples for picking up brush and other debris while leaving the dirt behind. Ideal for loading logs, orchard prunings, piling brush and moving hard to handle materials.

    By Worksaver Inc. based in Litchfield, ILLINOIS (USA). from Material Handling Product line

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