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    Flottweg Centrifuge Technology for Processing Tapioca / Cassava / Manioc Starch - Applications Note

    Tapioca starch, also known as manioc or cassava starch is extracted from the roots of the cassava plant. For example, to obtain one kilogram of tapioca starch, approximately 4.4 kilograms of cassava roots are required (25 percent of starch content). The cassava plant has spread throughout Africa and South America; however its use for culinary purposes has become important and has spread all over ...

    By Flottweg SE

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    LINAX PQ-series

    LINAX PQ3000 / PQ5000 helps to detect trouble before it can do any damage and to provide data for the identification of the root cause in case an event actually occurs. PQ3000 / PQ5000 is a Class A device according to the IEC 61000-4-30 Ed.3 power quality ...

    By Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG

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    Eijkelkamp - Model 08.13 - Wet Sieving Apparatus Manual

    The aggregate stability of a soil is the resistance of soil structure against mechanical or physico-chemical destructive forces. Soil structure is one of the main factors controlling plant growth by its influence on root penetration, soil temperature and gas diffusion, water transport and seedling emergence and therefore it is an important soil characteristic for ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

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    Model 14.36 - Oxygen Diffusion Meter Manual

    In plant cultivation it is very important that the soil has proper ventilation. The necessary oxygen supply for the roots and the discharge of the carbon dioxide gas that is formed there, in case of most cultivated growth, takes place via the soil. Also soil chemical processes depend on the presence of oxygen in the ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

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    Model 14.04.03 - Standard Tensiometer Manual

    The standard tensiometer consists of a clear transparent plastic tube with a ceramic cup at the bottom end and a manometer at the top. The standard tensiometer is delivered in various lengths allowing the execution of simultaneous measurements at various depths in the root zone. For pre-drilling special auger sets can be ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

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    Model 05.02 - 2 m Depth Bi-Partite Root Auger Set Manual

    By applying the bi-partite root auger almost undisturbed, uniform soil samples can be taken in layers of maximal 15 cm. The bi-partite root auger consists of a bottom part fitted with an exchangeable drilling-crown and a short unscrewable top part (handle) with a beating ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

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    Root Cause Analysis corrosion

    IntroductionDetermination of excessive wall loss during maintenance alerts the plant management to start a root cause investigation. This investigation is often a big challenge due to the many aspects that must be taken into consideration. Often specifications of heat exchanger materials and operational temperatures are available, but flow characteristics are often estimated by means of flow ...

    By Sweco Nederland BV

  • Urbinati - Model IM1800 - Potting Machine Brochure

    Potting machine IM2800 with vibrating table for pots with big dimensions. Vibration allows an excellent filling without creating air bubbles with big-rooted plants. Bottom belt with mechanicall adjustable speed and sliding on rollers; double push button control; single or double chute; soil recycling system with the belt on the bottom; manual and automatic working with vibrating support with the ...

    By Urbinati S.r.l.

  • Urbinati - Model IM2800 - Potting Machine Brochure

    Potting machine IM2800 with vibrating table for pots with big dimensions and hopper of higher capacity supplied with the machine. Vibration allows an excellent filling without creating air bubbles with big-rooted plants. Bottom belt with electronically adjustable speed and sliding on rollers; double push button control; single or double chute; soil recycling system with the belt on the bottom; ...

    By Urbinati S.r.l.

  • 66″ Root Grapple without Guard Brochure

    Move brush and felled trees quickly from the comfort and safety of your skid ...

    By Harleman Manufacturing, LLC

  • Solid Formulas Fertilizers Brochure

    Fertilizing corrector and complement. Enhancing of via roots absorption. Stimulation of new root’s growth. Increase of harvest quality and precocity. Acceleration of Chlorophyll making up. Revitalizing of vegetation. 500-800 g. / 100 litres of water. Low volume spraying, 2-4 Kg / ...

    By Cam-Ferti, S.L.

  • Javo - Model Plus M2.0 - Potting Machines Brochure

    Javo’s most advanced machine, the Plus M 2.0 is suitable for 10-32 cm (12 liter) pots. A versatile workhorse, this machine can fill and drill for potted plants, is a champion with bare root stock and large enough to handle a variety of greenhouse and nursery challenges. Like the other members of the Plus family, the Plus M 2.0 uses a fast, easy central adjustment for quick changes between ...

    By Javo

  • AcuraTrak - Trak Guidance System Brochure

    Accuracy, elimination of crop and root damage, guess rows within 1/2 inch, straight rows, reduction in operator fatigue, and the ability to increase operating speeds and tractor efficiency, are among the many advantages of using the Acura Trak Guidance ...

    By Sunco Marketing

  • Extreme Duty Loader Root Rakes with Top Clamps Brochure

    Dymax Extreme Duty Loader Root Rakes with Grapples are are built to provide years of productive use and are backed by the best service in the ...

    By Dymax Inc.

  • Pulsation Dampeners Brochure

    Compressors are an important item in many production processes. Undamped roots-type rotary piston blowers and screw compressors generate high noise levels that may exceed 160 dB(A). Hereby inducing damage into the piping and its adjuncts caused by low-frequency ...

    By Q.E. International B.V.

  • Sportsturf - Unidrill Seeding Equipment Brochure

    The key to having a good sports fields on any sports field is the grass root structure. When you cut or break grass plant roots, the plant immediately puts all its resources into growing new roots, so that the plant can survive. The Moore Sportsturf Drill is a cultural tool in that it acts as a grass root pruner (cutting and breaking roots) as well as a seeder. The drill can follow ground ...

    By Moore Unidrill

  • NewLeaf - Model XR - Netafim Uniram - Brochure

    Integral Pressure-compensating, Continuously Self-cleaning dripper with Chemical Free Resistance to Root ...

    By NewLeaf Irrigation

  • Model TF - 3248 - Bed Shaper - Brochure

    The variety of adjustments for seed bed preparation makes possible different widths and heights. Repleceable and reversible cutting blades provide longer blade usage. A good quality shaped seed bed is critical factor on the good maturity of the products and its nutrients, proper drainage, plant rooting improvement and consequently overall plant development during its growth cycle. The bed-shaper ...

    By Tecnomec Agricola

  • BIO AID - Model WS - Dry Microbial Soil Inoculant Brochure

    BIO AID WS is a diverse blend of naturally occurring nutrient-cycling microorganisms to help enhance and regenerate the biodiversity of the soil and root rhizosphere, improve the accumulation of RAS (root adhering soil) and aid in the storage and release of plant nutrients from the ...

    By AgriEnergy Resources, L.L.C

  • Bio Soil Magic Trial- Tomatillos Datasheet

    Treated tomatillo plant grown with Bio Soil Magic were taller, wider, flowered earlier, had more root growth, and looked like it will yield more than the untreated plant. Also appears to be better drought ...

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