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  • Coir - The Ideal Growing Medium for Strawberries

    In June 2015, newspapers around Britain were buzzing about an offer from Marks and Spencer which sought to revolutionize gardening and retail shopping. For the first time in history, UK shoppers were given the opportunity to p


  • What`s this disease?

    If you are a fan of strawberries then you have probably experienced opening a recently purchased container only to find that several berries have burst into a plume of velvety gray mold. Unfortunately, your berries have fallen prey to gray mold ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Strawberry Straw Spreader

    Strawberry Straw Spreader

    Larrington Trailers have been manufacturing Straw Spreaders since 1983, and with over 30 years experience in manufacturing Straw Spreaders it isn`t surprising to hear that we are constantly developing this machine to cope with higher work loads, and that we are constantly bettering the opposition. Covering carrot crops with a thick layer of straw is on thing, but this machine has to achieve two ...