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  • Brazil Exports 2015

    Brazil Exports 2015

    According to statistics released by the ministry of industry and foreign trade of Brazil and compiled by the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, in the first half part of Brazil exports 2015, 5.789 billion us dollars were exported to Arab countries, the Arab times reported o


  • 5 Coffee leaf facts that you have to know

    Coffee has always been part of our lives. Many individuals even rely on coffee just to get through a busy morning. However, a lot of people are unaware that various parts of a coffee plant actually harbor additional health benefits that are helpful ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • High-Speed Mixer

    High-Speed Mixer

    The high-speed mixer excels by very short batch processing times (complete mixing within 20 - 90 seconds). Its design ensures easy cleaning of the mixer, complete product discharge, and perfect hygiene.