Tomato Harvesting

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Comparing RGB-based vegetation indices with NDVI for agricultural drone imagery

    Abstract Agribotix conducted a post hoc test of two vegetation indices, VARI and TGI, that used only the three visible-band signals from an unmodified CMOS camera. The results were compared to NDVI, which is generally considered to be a reliable measure of field health and the underlying RGB image. While the results are somewhat encouraging in limited cases, it is clear that neither VARI nor

  • Success Story Serkka Farms, Canada - Case Study

    Serkka Farms is family owned and operated, and was established in 1987 by the Belgian Allaer Family. Their fields stretch out over more than 2,000 hectares where they grow a wide variety of products ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Tomato Harvester

    Tomato Harvester

    Purchased from Johnson Farm Machinery in 2002, the Johnson Harvester is a heavier machine and a high performer in large open fields. Equipped with load sense hydraulics and independent flow controls for all functions, the Johnson is constructed with a heavy-wall tubular steel main frame that can withstand even the most adverse field conditions. Built to harvest 70 tons of tomatoes per hour, the ...