Tomato Harvesting

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  • Tomato Harvester
    Showcase Product

    Tomato Harvester

    By Westside Equipment, Inc.

    Purchased from Johnson Farm Machinery in 2002, the Johnson Harvester is a heavier machine and a high performer in large open fields. Equipped with load sense hydraulics and independent flow controls for all functions, ...

  • Water Cage Plant Protector Pin
    Showcase Product

    Water Cage Plant Protector Pin

    By AFIVEPLUS, Inc. / US Small Farm Equipment Co.

    Water Cage Plant Protector:  The Water Cage Plant Protector is a water containing device to protect tomato plants, pepper plants or other tender plants from freezing temperatures and wind early in the season. ...

  • Tomato Harvester
    Showcase Product

    Tomato Harvester

    By GUARESI S.p.A.

    The tomato  harvester G 89/93 MS 40“ has been especially designed for large production requirements. it is equipped with a single 40 channel electronic sorter and it is the must suitable choice for farmers ...

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  • Ramsay Highlander, Inc.

    Ramsay Highlander, Inc.

    Ramsay Highlander is a manufacturer of specialized harvesting aids for the vegetable growing industry. Ramsay stands at the forefront of ...

  • Southtrade


    We specialize in all types of agricultural machinery for almost any cultivation. Only the highest quality machinery is sourced from reputable ...

  • CRF Costruzioni S.r.l.

    CRF Costruzioni S.r.l.

    The CRF Costruzioni S.r.l. is considered today one of the leader companies in the manufacture of self-propelled picker machines for the harvesting of ...

  • MTS srl

    MTS srl

    MTS was founded by Alfredo Serena, Andrea Bertonazzi and Diego Bertonazzi in Pontenure (PC) in October 2003. The history of MTS of Pontenure revolves ...

  • Kerian Machines Inc.

    Kerian Machines Inc.

    The Kerian Sizer will quickly and accurately sort most products (fruits sorting, vegetables sorting or nuts sorting) by size. Twelve standard models ...