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    Blizzard Food Sorting Machine - Brochure

    The Blizzard free-fall pulsed LED camera sorting machine is the most ideal and cost effective optical sorting solution for the frozen fruit and vegetable processing industry. The Blizzard provides continuous food inspection to ensure food safety and customer satisfaction at all times by removing unwanted foreign material, misshapen product and discolorations, with maximum ...

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH.

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    Healthier Trees and Fruit De Nora Solutions - Brochure

    Out of experience De Nora, a team of specialists has been created capabile of providing new solutions for the care of your trees and your integrated or organic fruit and vegetable ...

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    Application - Determination of fructose, glucose, and saccharose in beverages, fruit and vegetable products, honey, and bioactive food additives

    Introduction The technical directives and regulatory requirements specify the total content and relative contents of fructose, glucose and saccharose in juices, nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages (incl. wines and winemaking materials), fruit and vegetable products, honey, and bioactive food ...

    By Lumex Instruments Group

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    The Flottweg ISP Process Innovation in Soy Protein Extraction - Applications Note

    Soy protein has become one of the primary sources of vegetable protein for human and livestock consumption. The growing demand for soy products such as isolate and milk requires highly efficient production lines in terms of product quality and ...

    By Flottweg SE

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    Maximize Your Profit With Flottweg Innovative Solid/Liquid Separation for the Production of Vegetable Milk Alternatives - Applications Note

    More and more people appreciate vegetable milk alternatives. Not only for ecological but also for health reasons (lactose intolerance, vegan diet, etc.), an increasing number of consumers are choosing this healthy alternative. Producers of these products have to adapt flexibly to consumer demands. Industrial centrifuges like decanters and disk stack centrifuges as well as belt presses play an ...

    By Flottweg SE

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    Flottweg Processing Technology for the Production of Fruit and Vegetable Juices from Fruit to Juice - Applications Note

    Separation technology plays a prominent role in the production of juices, helping to preserve the precious natural substances of fruits and vegetables. Flottweg offers various systems as well as individual components for the efficient production of high-quality fruit and vegetable juices. We offer individual solutions from one source, adapted to your raw material and your process – from ...

    By Flottweg SE

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    Flottweg Centrifuge Technology for the Extraction of Avocado Oil - Applications Note

    Not so long ago, an avocado was an indicator of luxury and well-being, nowadays this view has changed due to a widespread use and purpose of this green fruit with the highest fat content of all known fruit and vegetable varieties. Today, the avocado is often used as a raw material for pharmaceutical or cosmetic purposes, or even for cooking as a natural cooking oil. These arguments show that ...

    By Flottweg SE

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    irritecTAPE - Flyer

    irritecTape", is the result of Irritec's research and development. It is particularly suitable for well-drained soil intended for growing vegetables and flowers, thanks to the short distance between the drop points and their low flow rate. The dripper labynnth guarantees a high turbulent effect that ensures a high level of unrform water distribution over the entire line, reducing sedimentation to ...


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    Irritec minidrip™ - Small Diameter Dripline - Brochure

    The minidrip™ dripline, the result of the research and innovation of Irritec®, is the answer for irrigation needs “for gardens, flowerbeds, and small vegetable gardens”, where available space, aesthetics and economics play an important role, without neglecting the quality of the product and the results. minidrip™ is made with virgin raw materials of first-rate quality, ...


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    P1 - Light Dripline - Brochure

    P1"  light dripline is the new product for irrigation in greenhouses and open field for vegetables and flowers. P1™ light dripline is the new generation dripline to meet drip irrigation requirements thanks to: High performances of emission uniformity also in fertigation cycles; Possibility to reach considerable branch lengths; Technical characteristics reliable in the long run, in ...


  • Farm Software Brochure

    farm software for fruit & vegetable, coffee, tobacco, flower farming. Perform recalls in seconds, with full confidence of accuracy and reliability. Minimize risk by ensuring accurate traceability is automatically captured thru natural business processes, easily and quickly. Pass audits with ease and reduce compliance costs using farmsofts automatic paperwork tools and features. Trace product ...

    By Farmsoft

  • Model EMP-300 - Automatic Grafting Machine Brochure

    The new grafting robot EMP-300 allows to graft vegetables with flexible tweezers that hold the graft. The mechanical and the adjustments are very simple, it’s designed to allow a comfortable and effective work. The cut unit can work changing the cut angle configuration between (20º-30º-40º). Whit simple adjustments the machine can graft diferent plants and balled sizes. This ...

    By Conic System

  • Plasti-Culture Vegetable Sprayer - Datasheet

    3 point hitch or pull type. Hypro XL roller pump 0-100 psi. Udor diaphragm pump 0-300 psi. Manual regulator. Manual booms (hydraulic fold) available. Manual on/off ...

    By H & H Farm Machine Co., Inc.

  • Agrimec Catalogue

    AGRIMEC was founded in 1979. At once it made interesting experiences in the design and installation of greenhouses destined to flower and vegetable-growing, as in Italy like abroad, under the guide of Spelgatti family administration. The property (8.000 m2) is located in Casazza, a small village at 70 km from Milan, just in the middle of a beautiful valley, where for a long time an industrial ...

  • Greenhouses & Grow Containers Brochure

    Container Plant Factory adopts modular design, that‘s to say it is a set combination of modular plant factory and designed specifically for vegetable planting, which allows units and individuals, who engaged in agricultural cultivation of plants to customize for factory space according to their needs. It has many advantages such as flexible module combination, easily moved, mass production, ...

  • Skipper - Datasheet

    Sprinkler of middle discharge for medium pressure systems, rotaring at uniform speed over a full or part circle. It is equipped with interchangeable nozzles of different size and an adjustable jetbreaker, providing an uniform distribution of rain all over the irrigated area. The singular evenness and ligthness of watering make it particularly suitable for the irrigation of delicate plants, such ...

    By Sime Idromeccanica Srl

  • RiteDepth - Automatic Depth & Distance Controller Brochure

    The RiteDepth system provides automatic, accurate and consistent depth and distance control on root crop harvesters and vegetable flail mowers (toppers). The system works with one or  two rugged sonar sensors  mounted to read off the top of the row and connected to the share mounting frame. Signals from the sensors are interpreted by a small controller which automatically lifts and ...

    By Greentronics

  • Model FR 28 - Harvester Loader for Vegetables Brochure

    Harvester-loader with tracks for picking up fourth-range and industrial fresh vegetables either in glasshouses or on the field. Equipped with a Janmar 3-cylinder type engine with 27 HP power and special silencer designed to significantly reduce noise. Fitted with hydrostatic drive that is electronically controlled by a multi-function joystick with adjustable work speed and a stop and pre-set ...

    By De Pietri S.r.l.

  • Flake Ice Machine Products Brochure

    Flake ice can be used to keep fresh fruit, vegetable and meat. Flake ice is allowing to display perishable foods without fear of spoilage. Flake ice made up of thin pieces of ice and has no sharp edges, so cannot damage to refrigerated ...

    By Icemac

  • Lawn and Garden Humic Acid Brochure

    Picture your dream lawn and gardens with beautiful vibrant plants growing of all types. A yard with green, lush grass that’s tough enough and vigorous enough for kids, pets, and wildlife to enjoy every day. Flower beds brimming with color. Fruit and vegetable plants growing strong and producing good tasting food the kids will eat again. Vigorous, strong trees, and shrubs to shade and ...

    By Bio S.I. Technology LLC

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