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  • Walnut Color Sorter

    Walnut Color Sorter

    Walnut Color Sorter Function 1. Walnut sorter mainly used to sort walnut kernel.2. LINPRO AI walnut color sorter able to sort all types of walnut kernel.3. Separate the defective cashew: LINPRO color sorter able to separate the defective walnut kernel (dark kernel) according to the color difference w

  • Efficiency in Food Plant Increases with Thern

    Torn and Glasser, founded in 1928, has been a family-owned business for over 85 years, passed down three generations. The business began growing walnuts and watermelons, marketing their fresh produce ...


  • History and distribution of nuts

    History and distribution of nuts

    The violent growth of the family Juglandaceae dates back to the Palaeogene period. This fact shows the greatness and uncommonness of this plant. On the territory of Southwest France archaeologists have found petrified shells of nuts that were ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Fruit Harvester Machine with Umbrella

    Fruit Harvester Machine with Umbrella

    GACEK fruit tree hydraulic shaker is designed for harvesting not only cherries, olives, walnuts but also other stone fruits, for example, plums. The fruits are being strewn from the tree then by the tree shaking machine, all impurities like leaves or twigs are removed with a fan and the fruits are being dumped into boxes or box pallets. In order to achieve the best work effects, proper ...