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Walnut Harvesting equipment for Horticulture

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    GACEK - Fruit Harvester Machine with Umbrella

    GACEK fruit tree hydraulic shaker is designed for harvesting not only cherries, olives, walnuts but also other stone fruits, for example, plums. The fruits are being strewn from the tree then by the tree shaking machine, all impurities like leaves or twigs are removed with a fan and the fruits are being dumped into boxes or box pallets. In order ...

    By JAGODA JPS Agromachines based in Skierniewice, POLAND. from Fruit Shakers Product line

  • Nutexim - Model NRS -- 4 M - Rotary Sorter

    Rotary sizer “NRS-4M” is intended for sorting of walnuts by sizes. The equipment is characterized by evenly supply of the product, providing high performance. Rotary sorter “NRS-4M” is intended for sorting of walnuts by sizes according to GOST 16832-71. The machine can be completed with working rotor drums of other sizes of ...

    By Nutexim based in Bogdan, UKRAINE.

  • Elektronik - Model SP-06 - Walnut Tree Shaker Machine

    This machine can be used for harvesting walnuts. It attaches to the tractor. Minimal power of tractor- 40HP. Maximal trunk diameter is 60cm. Height of shaking is adjustable, so the machine can shake trees with 0,5-1,5m of trunk height.

    By Elektronik based in Djurinci - Sopot, SERBIA.

  • Tekna - Model TK 5000 and TK 6000 - Shakers

    The Shakers is the lightweight and reliable shaker of the VIBROTEK range! This branch shaker separates Olives, Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, etc. making them ready to be collected.

    By Tekna Srl based in Ostuni (Brindisi), ITALY.

  • Nutexim - Model SVH - In-Shell Walnuts Dryer

    A drying complex is intended for drying whole walnuts in shell, as well as hazelnuts etc. The main advantages of the complex are a relatively short drying time and the ability to dry all nuts evenly. The equipment is marked by energy-saving features.

    By Nutexim based in Bogdan, UKRAINE.

  • Nutexim - Model SКО-022 - Walnut Kernel Dryer

    The equipment is intended for drying of walnut kernels, fruit, vegetables and other foodstuff. The dryer “SKO-022” is intended for drying of walnut kernels, fruit, vegetables and other foodstuff, the temperature of drying process ranges from 30 to 70 ° C. For this purpose dunnage pallets are set with grids made from polyamide ...

    By Nutexim based in Bogdan, UKRAINE.

  • Model C 120 T - Trailed Harvesters

    The Trailed Harvesters are suitable for the picking from the ground of: hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds, walnuts, coffee, macadamia, pecan walnuts and olives. The Trailed Harvesters born by this times in the far ’70s years, are the first machines created by FACMA and still now they are considered an important part in the annual production. ...

    By FACMA s.r.l. based in Vitorchiano (VT), ITALY.

  • Model L - Walnut Washing Machine

    Walnuts must be washed after harvesting and cleaned of twigs, soil, leaves and green shells. The machine is equipped with thick steel bars, which ensures a first-class cleaning. The machine can also be used for potatoes, hazelnuts and peach stones.

    By Feucht Obsttechnik based in Erbstetten, GERMANY. from Nuts Processing Product line

  • Kadmec Vibrope - Walnut and Almond Harvester

    Kadıoğlu Vibrope is an economic harvester which aims to speed up harvesting time by vibrating bough or young trees to drop fruits. It is a system mounted back of tractor and taking its power from PTO which can work easily 15 hp or over all tractors. It makes harvesting of apricot, walnut, almonds, cherry, olive, orange and lemon easier ...

  • Kadmec - Model EMR400 - Branch Shaker Walnut Harvesting Machine

    With Kadıoğlu Walnut Branch Shaker Harvesting Machine you can harvest the walnut tree branches with 4 meters branch height and 3 cm thickness. Thanks to high-speed special gearbox, it is quite easy to make all walnuts on the branch fall down with 1-2 seconds of shaking.

    By Kadıoğlu Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. based in Yıldırım, TURKEY. from Walnut Harvesting Equipment Product line

  • Kadmec - Model CKS90D - Walnut Huller

    An expert on walnut machines in Turkey, Kadıoğlu Machines designed the walnut hullers with no abrasives. It guarantees many years of utilization with its durable structure. IMPORTANT: If you will hull the thin-shelled, fragile walnut varieties or the mixed varieties, prefer Nutmec series walnut hullers. Or you can ask for advice by ...

    By Kadıoğlu Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. based in Yıldırım, TURKEY. from Walnut Hulling Equipment Product line

  • Kadmec Nutmec - Model CKM4700E - Electrically Heated Walnut Dryer

    Silo volume of Kadıoğlu Walnut Dryer is 4700 liters. It dries up 2,5 - 3,0 tons of wet walnuts depending on the given degree of temperature between the range of 12 and 24 hours. We can not give a solid percentage.Since the dryer works with a heater and a controllable fan , you have to adjust your own moisture level by taking samples and ...

    By Kadıoğlu Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. based in Yıldırım, TURKEY. from Walnut Dryers Product line

  • Walnuts - Model TRAXX - Walnut Huller

    Introducing the latest design in Walnut Hulling. Utilizing proven technology and innovative ideas, the TRAXX Huller addresses many of the problems usually associated with nut hulling machines. Ease of installation, operation and maintenance makes the TRAXX Huller the #1 choice for new installation and huller upgrades.

    By Gene M. Jessee Inc based in Chico, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Nutexim - Model 2408 - Walnut Washer

    Washer (polisher) is intended for washing and polishing of walnuts, hazelnuts, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables. The washer is characterized by high performance and does not require additional admixtures to achieve the best result (we use only clean water).

    By Nutexim based in Bogdan, UKRAINE.

  • Tekna - Model TK 95 R - Harvesters

    The TK 95 R harvester is the ideal machine for small-scale users, combining economy with harvesting efficiency. This is a self propelled machine designed to harvest olives, chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.

    By Tekna Srl based in Ostuni (Brindisi), ITALY.

  • Model E-250 E-Z Prep - Conditioner

    Take control of the “waiting game” with the Exact E-250 E-Z Prep Conditioner. Conditioning your product while it's on the orchard floor mimizes drying time, speeds up harvesting, and ultimately lets you cash in on early shipment premiums.

    By Exact Corporation based in Modesto, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • GIAMPI - Model VEGA 15 - VEGA 30 - Dessicator

    Dessicators mod. VEGA 15 e VEGA 30 allow the drying of products in shell (hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds, walnuts, macadamia etc.) with a simple and inexpensive solution as the bottom of the tank drying (containing hot air) is equal to one third of the volume of the tank itself. This allows you to get the perfect drying of the product in ...

    By Giampi S.r.l. based in Carbognano, ITALY.

  • Kadmec Nutmec - Model 5 - Walnut Conveying Belts

    Kadıoğlu Nutmec 5 Conveyor Belt provides transportation from walnut hulling to drying, from drying to calibration. One conveyor can be used by changing its place or the same operation can be done by using 2 different conveyor belts.

    By Kadıoğlu Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. based in Yıldırım, TURKEY. from Walnut Conveying Belts Product line

  • Biofire - Nutshell Briquettes

    Biofire offers briquettes made of compressed walnut shells. 100% natural, made of biodegradable waste. Alternative to wood and charcoal for barbecues, braziers, fireplaces, and stoves. Ready-to-use: natural firelighter included (compressed sawdust stick in vegetable oil).

    By Biocom Energy International Ltd based in Yens, SWITZERLAND. from Nutshell Product line

  • OMC - Model Series VI - Shockwave Monoboom

    What do you do if you have larger almond or walnut trees? What about pecans? OMC’s Shockwave Monoboom shaker comes with a standard 10 foot or optional 12 foot boom, allowing you to reach up there and shake the product from those limbs, even on your older pecan trees. The Monoboom Series VI features the 24 inch R-3 Magnum shaker head with ...

    By Orchard Machinery Corporation (OMC) based in Yuba City, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Shockwave Monoboom Product line

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