Agriculture Irrigation Downloads

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    AG-STIK - 599A - Systems Datasheet

    applications: • Agriculture • Irrigation • Fertigation • Holding Tanks/ponds • Turf • Dairy • Aquaculture • and others ...

    By Myron L Company

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    AgroMET - Agricultural Weather Station - Catalog

    Monitor the conditions that matter to your operation. Complete basic weather conditions plus solar radiation and leaf wetness. Monitor soil conditions and improve irrigation. 2 year ...

    By RainWise Inc.

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    PreLOG - Precipitation Station - Brochure

    The PreLOG is the perfect precipitation measuring station for meteorological and hydrological applications such as agriculture, irrigation systems, forestry, landfill sites, flood warning systems and many more. This stand alone, solar powered weather station is programmed for event based alarms, equipped with a USB connection and automatic GPRS data transmission, has an emergency power supply and ...

    By RainWise Inc.

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    Analysis of Food and Agricultural Samples Using PlasmaQuant MS - Special Application Note

    1. Introduction Agricultural products play a significant role in the daily uptake of nutrients and fibers to maintain good health. The agricultural products and resulting foods contain nutritional elements in various concentrations but also elements deemed to be toxic to humans and/or animals. Besides the organically bound elements: hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, there are more than 30 ...

    By Analytik Jena AG

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    US-1SNN Single Net Wheat Straw with Natural Netting MSDS

    Physical Description: Size: Available in 16’ and 8’ widths and 112.5’ and 562.5’ lengths (Custom cuts are available upon request). Netting: 1 layer 1.0” x 0.5” opening, approximately 9.3 lbs/1000 ft2 . The netting is made from fully biodegradable organic jute fiber, that is LENO weaved for a higher quality product. Thread: Fully biodegradable jute yarn, that ...

    By L & M Supply Company

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    US-2S NN Double Net Wheat Straw with Natural Netting MSDS

    Physical Description: Size: Available in 16’ and 8’ widths and 112.5’ and 562.5’ lengths (Custom cuts are available upon request). Netting: Top net- 1.0” x 0.5” opening, approximately 9.3 lbs/1000 ft2. The netting is made from fully biodegradable organic jute fiber, that is LENO weaved for a higher quality product. Bottom net- 1.0” x 0.5” opening, ...

    By L & M Supply Company

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    Sustainable Water Treatment Solutions - Agriculture/Irrigation, Food/Beverage Processing Sectors Brochure

    Specialists in Modular & Custom Built Water and Waste Water Treatment Solutions Genesis Water Technologies designs, engineers, builds, and commissions optimized water treatment solutions for process water and waste water ...

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    GWT Agriculture Processing - Water Solutions Brochure

    Genesis Water Technologies Agricultural Processing Sector - Water Solutions Brochure. Sectors include: - Agriculture - Aquaculture - Food & Beverage ...

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    Spin Rite - Mini Sprinkler Brochure

    The principle of localised spraying is synonymous with micro irrigation. This means focusing watering only where the crop needs to grow, and not between rows or in non-productive areas. The main application is in orchards, greenhouses and protected crops. Micro irrigation uses mini drippers, sprinklers and mist emitters or nebulisers. Developments in plastic pressing technologies mean that today ...


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    PlantControl - Model D 9.52.01 - Wireless Data Logger and Sensors Brochure

    All it takes for environmental researchP.O. Box 4, 6987 ZG Giesbeek, the NetherlandsT +31 313 88 02 00F +31 313 88 02 99E info@eijkelkamp.comI www.eijkelkamp.comPlantControl D wireless data loggerAP.19.52.E© July 2014Soil moisture and soil temperature monitoring system for larger surface areasIn combination with PlantCare’s wireless soil moisture sensors, the PlantControl D is used for the ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

  • Product Catalog

    Drip Irrigation is the most important irrigation system which is boosting the agricultural production. The traditional surface irrigation methods can only be applied in the evened areas. Also, the water is required to be abundant and appropriate to the irrigation as ...

    By Damla Plast

  • Inline Valves Brochure

    Cartridge valves and inline valves are used in a wide range of applications such as agriculture, municipal, material hendling and costruction. The cartridges can be integrated in a customized block studied for specific ...

    By Bondioli & Pavesi S.p.A.

  • Model SFT Series - U-Joint Drive Shafts- Brochure

    Using their understanding of modern market demands and decades of experience in the field of power transmission as it relates to agricultural mechanization, Bondioli & Pavesi developed the SFT range of drivelines and accessories, with every component designed and built according to the principles of safety, function and ...

    By Bondioli & Pavesi S.p.A.

  • Model ACOL-72 I PLUS SERIES - Plastic Mulch Layer Brochure

    A fertilizer and a bed shaper machine. It sets the irrigation line up and also the mulching plastic, all in only one pass. It can be used either as a plastic mulch layer or a bed maker. Hose and fertilizer applicators are optional. Solid structure with a plastic roll-holder and a stand for stocking additional rolls. Smooth guide wheels strech mulch over beds without tearing. Adjustable brakes for ...

    By Tecnomec Agricola

  • Mazzei Chemigation — The Simple, Low Cost Solution for Agriculture Brochure

    Chemigation is the process of injecting chemicals into an irrigation system. Only Mazzei offers simple-to-use, low cost solutions. Using high-efficiency Venturi injectors, Mazzei’s chemigation technology delivers precise and safe applications. With no moving parts, and often no supplemental pump system, Mazzei is the right choice. Mazzei patented designs are precisely engineered and cannot ...

  • Manual Application Instructions for PondPro 2000 - Agriculture Brochure

    Surface preparation: Your pond surface needs to be clean, dry and structurally sound. We suggest not using any detergents in your Pond. A medium bristle brush and water is all that is needed. You want the surface to be clean of any dirt that will be picked up with the nap of the roller or in the paintbrush used during the application process. Avoid cleaners and detergents since any remaining ...

    By Pondpro2000

  • Blue Stripe - Oval Hose Polyethylene Tubing Brochure

    Oval Hose polyethylene tubing is manufactured from premium grade linear low density resins and is built for tough and dependable operation in the field. It is the alternative to expensive and cumbersome PVC and layflat tubing. And with Oval Hose you will not produce holes that lead to leaking as in layflat. Oval Hose for drip irrigation can be used as a mainline or submain, or as a lateral line ...

    By The Toro Company

  • Model GFRPP - Fittings for PEAD Pipes Brochure

    Water mains and distribution systems, irrigation conduits, agricultural installations, livestock installations, cold water conduits in the following industries: construction, food and drink, chemical, shipbuilding and mining, domestic water intakes, gardening, ...

    By Adequa-Uralita

  • CM - Model BP Series - Nipper Bucket Brochure

    Bucket with prehensile gripper for industrial or agricultural use, with double mordant, ideal for the collection of garbage, construction wastes, twings and similar. It can be fixed on skid steers, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, telescopic or agricultural tractors ...

    By CM S.r.l

  • Model FOX - Double Wheel Ditchers Brochure

    The Enorossi rotary double wheel ditchers have been designed and developed for many water management purposes, such as the excavation, maintenance or cleaning of collector ditches and furrows. The soil is comminuted and removed, and can be thrown sideways at a big distance away, or be positioned just beside the edge with the special adjustable hoods. Also, it can clean and net, and let the water ...

    By Enorossi

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