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  • Liquid Organic Fertilizer
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    Liquid Organic Fertilizer

    By RezFree Inc

    CERES conducts inspections and offers certification per different governmental organic standards, such as regulation EEC 834/07, USDA-NOP Final Rule, and the Japanese Agricultural Standard to produce Organic Foodstuffs ...

  • Fertigation System
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    Fertigation System

    By AGROinvent

    The all-new fertigation system Hydria 2+ is a revolutionary product that combines high quality with low cost.Hydria 2+ features three digital inputs for external selection of any of the three fertigation recipes that ...

  • Eight Irrigation Valve Actuating Transmitters
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    Eight Irrigation Valve Actuating Transmitters

    By Aquaterr Instruments & Automation, LLC

    Connects directly to your commercial irrigation controller, and sends programmed radio signals, specially encoded to activate the Aquaterr Receiver to which they are wirelessly linked.

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Companies & Suppliers

  • Larson Irrigiation Inc.

    Larson Irrigiation Inc.

    Larson Irrigation, Inc is a full service irrigation and agricultural supply company serving wholesale and retail markets of Mexico and the Western ...

  • Aqualine Inc

    Aqualine Inc

    Aqualine has quickly become a recognized supplier of quality irrigation and plumbing products to distributors throughout North America. Developing ...

  • Rain Bird Corporation

    Rain Bird Corporation

    Rain Bird Corporation is a privately held company founded in 1933 during the agricultural boom in California. We are the leading global manufacturer ...

  • Deep Root Irrigation LLC (DRI)

    Deep Root Irrigation LLC (DRI)

    DRI`s innovative and patented Deep Root Irrigation design reduces irrigation cost, saves water and increases crop yields! DRI Products reduce water ...

  • Irrigation Direct (ID)

    Irrigation Direct (ID)

    Irrigation Direct, we love irrigation and we know first-hand the importance of quality irrigation supplies. We are passionate about serving our ...