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    GWT Agriculture Processing - Water Solutions Brochure

    Genesis Water Technologies Agricultural Processing Sector - Water Solutions Brochure. Sectors include: - Agriculture - Aquaculture - Food & Beverage ...

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    AZUD Filtration - Catalogue

    Founded more than 30 years ago, AZUD business group is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of Irrigation, Filtration and Water Treatment systems. We develop technology for an efficient, optimal and rational use of one of our most valuable resources, WATER. Our work philosophy makes us feel proud to own a significant number of patents. Sound experience gives us the necessary knowledge ...

    By Sistema Azud, S.A.

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    AZUD - Irrigation and Filtration Systems - Product Catalogue

    AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC range is completed with DLP model Disc filtration equipment that provides real water and energy savings. It is able to backwash with a pressure of only 1.5 bar (21 psi). It is specially suitable for applications where high pressure is not available or energetic costs are high. It is used bith in agriculture as in ...

    By Sistema Azud, S.A.

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    HortoKit - Gravity Powered or Low Pressure Drip Irrigation System - Datasheet

    HortoKit is the best solution for gravity powered or low pressure drip irrigation of small orchards. This system is based on drip irrigation technology powered by water’ force of gravity or connected to water supply networks with max pressure of 1,0 bar. The kit has been designed for “Do it yourself” irrigation systems; it’s easy to install and it allows to optimize water ...

    By Plastic Puglia

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    AMS - Brown Moisture Probe - Brochure

    The AMS Brown Moisture Probe is a modified tile probe used primarily by agricultureal scientists and farmers to survey soil to depths of about 3-ft for the purpose of determining the depth of soil moisture storage following irrigation. The probe offers visual confirmation of soil moisture conditions, and this data is used to help determine crop yield goals, planting decisions, irrigation water ...

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    Water Treatment Solutions for the agriculture & horticulture industries - Brochure

    Water usage in agriculture and horticulture industry is mainly done through irrigation process. With global agricultural production increase and consequently increase of water demand there has been more and more need to look for water recycling options in order to decrease the water consumption at source. Lenntech provides sustainable complete solutions for water treatment in agriculture and ...

    By Lenntech Water Treatment

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    Aquaflat - PVC Lay Flat Irrigation Pipe Brochure

    Aquaflat PVC is a PVC flexible hose, made of high strength one layer polyester network reinforcement. It is ideal as main line collector in the drip irrigation installations, where it is necessary to frequently move the pipes. It can also be used for irrigation with mini-sprinklers. Aquaflat PVC is flexible, extremely resistant durable and it is a valid alternative for water supply if compared ...

    By Plastic Puglia

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    Aquaflat - Model PE - Lay Flat Pipe for Drip Irrigation - Brochure

    AQUAFLAT PE is a no toxic flexible polyethylene pipe with high-strength fabric network reinforcement, as a main line for irrigation systems where it is necessary to frequently move the same installations. For potable water and foodstuffs. AQUAFLAT PE is extremely flexible, durable, light-weight and fully recyclable. It is a valid alternative to the PVC lay ...

    By Plastic Puglia

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    The Real, Complete solution for Irrigation - Brochure

    Irritec manufactures irrigation products designed to offer a complete irrigation system providing quality as well as water efficiency. Manufacturer since 1974. Irritec boasts a wide range of fittings and accessories which are easy to install and extremely reliable over the long ...


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    Draincore2 - Golf Brochure

    From municipal courses to the most exclusive clubs, the Draincore2 system is the premier drainage system for tee boxes and greens. The Draincore2 geocomposite creates a one-inch void below the sand root zone mix that allows oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange and produces the perfect perched water table. A Draincore2 green or tee grows the healthiest turf with the strongest roots and prevents ...

    By Invisible Structures, Inc.

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    EC-Probe for Soil Salinity Measurements Manual

    In irrigation areas, one is often confronted with salinization problems. In order to acquire the necessary understanding regarding these issues, it is very important to check the salinity of the soil regularly. Also in examining ecosystems that are influenced by salt water (lagoons, etc), it is necessary that we know the salinity of the soil. In some countries, salinization problems can occur in ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

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    FINN HydroGel Additive System Specification Sheet

    FINN HydroGel B is a polymer that is able to store water and nutrients up to 500% its own size and weight. Once HydroGel B releases its stored moisture and nutrients to the root system, it will replenish itself with the next rainfall or irrigation. Finn HydroGel B is a plant watering aid used to reduce or eliminate stress caused by a lack of ...

    By FINN Corporation

  • Albers - Steel Agricultural Buildings Brochure

    Pre-engineered specifically for your climate. Complete all bolt-together freestall building packages including our bolt together loop system, Albers headlocks, water troughs, gates and fans. Designed for ease of installation, durability, adaptability and ...

    By Albers Dairy Equipment

  • Vasco - Variable Speed Controller Brochure

    VASCO is a purpose-built family of variable frequency drives, designed to control and protect pumping systems based on changing pump speed. From water supply for domestic, irrigation, commercial and industrial applications, to heating and air conditioning, from filtering to pressure-washing, the VASCO range perfectly fits any new or existing application ...

    By LAP srl

  • AcreMaster - Micro Pivots Brochure

    In a class of their own, PIERCE Micro Pivots and Linears are the strong, lightweight, less expensive alternative for irrigating small to medium sized fields. Their low power consumption, efficient use of energy and resources, and standardized components make them inexpensive to operate and easy to assemble. PIERCE Micro Systems feature many of the same versatile options as our larger ...

    By Pierce Corporation

  • Rodelta CVP Vertical Dry Pit Pump, Single Stage with Volute Pump Casing of Pre-Fabricated Concrete Material - Brochure

    The pump type CVP is a vertical dry pit pump, single stage with volute pump casing of pre-fabricated concrete material. The CVP have pull-out design rotor. The material of the metal pull-out unit depends on the pump liquid and is available in various materials. The CVP pump is used in cooling water, flood control, drainage- and irrigation ...

  • Rega - Model 2 - Automatic Irrigation Wagon for Greenhouses Brochure

    The REGA-2 irrigation boom has been designed for greenhouses with great surfaces. The rails let the booms runs up to 140 m and been 15 m wide. The booms are configured under the Customer requirements, from a single control panel to manage the irrigation until full automatic software in the office computer. The boom let control until 4 different nutrients formulas and select the zones where must ...

    By Conic System S.L.

  • Rega - Model 3 - Automatic Irrigation Wagon for Greenhouses Brochure

    The REGA3 irrigation boom is a simple and reliable solution for medium greenhouses. The single rail with holding hose let the booms runs up to 100 m and been 9 m wide. The booms are configured under the Customer requirements, from a single control panel to manage the irrigation until full automatic software in the office computer. The boom let control until 4 different nutrients formulas and ...

    By Conic System S.L.

  • Patio - Watering Kit Brochure

    The more sun, the more it waters – waters every 3 hrs. Saves plants from drought and waters when on holiday. Automatic watering for up to 12 Irrigation Units (e.g. 5 large hanging baskets or 12 x 20 litre pots). Drip waters up to 5m above the water source. Uses up to 90% less water than a hose. Easy, Eco, Efficient. Water source to solar pump – maximum 20m. Water source to last ...

    By Irrigatia Limited

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