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    Algae Control in Irrigation Reservoirs brochure

    Water used for irrigation can contain high levels of nutrients; some of these nutrients are beneficial for the plants watered, but can also lead to extensive algal growth. Algae in irrigation reservoirs can clog the irrigation system and can also be spread over the irrigated ...

    By LG Sonic

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    AG-STIK - 599A - Systems Datasheet

    applications: • Agriculture • Irrigation • Fertigation • Holding Tanks/ponds • Turf • Dairy • Aquaculture • and others ...

    By Myron L Company

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    Grower Product Summary

    Soil Moisture ProductsDelta-T DevicesLeaders in Soil Moisture Data Logging and Plant ScienceIrrigation, horticulture and agriculture Research grade sensors and systems now available to growers¦ Monitor soil moisture¦ Improve yields and quality¦ Demonstrate water-use efficiencyTake control of your watering needs with the latest generation of accurate, dependable soil moisture sensors. The sensors ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    The Real, Complete solution for Irrigation - Brochure

    Irritec manufactures irrigation products designed to offer a complete irrigation system providing quality as well as water efficiency. Manufacturer since 1974. Irritec boasts a wide range of fittings and accessories which are easy to install and extremely reliable over the long ...


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    KAHL Rotospray - Micro-spraying System for Liquid Additives

    Micro-spraying system for liquid additivesKAHL ROTOSPRAY®The main part of the system is arotation atomiser permitting the finestspraying of liquids. The specialdistribution of the solid matter flowguarantees an all-round liquidcoverage on to the product.Advantages of the ROTOSPRAY®¦ Low space requirement¦ Automatic adaptation of the liquid to the solid matter flow¦ Undiluted spraying¦ No ...

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG

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    P1 - Light dripline

    The new protected flow system devised by the Irritec research department allows the P1 to be buried in the soil without problems caused by aspiration of mud and detritus, and reduces the risk of root intrusion to a minimum. The system works through a special “flap” design of the outlet hole.  During the irrigation cycle the flap opens, allowing an even flow of water; when the ...


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    FINN HydroGel Additive System Specification Sheet

    9281 LeSaint DriveFairfield, OH 45014-5457Toll Free (800) 543-7166E-mail: sales@finncorp.com www.finncorp.comFINN HydroGel B is a polymer that is able to store water and nutrients up to 500% its own size and weight. Once HydroGel B releases its stored moisture and nutrients to the root system, it will replenish itself with the next rainfall or irrigation. Finn HydroGel B is a plant watering aid ...

    By FINN Corporation

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    FINN HPN Additive System Specification Sheet

    9281 LeSaint DriveFairfield, OH 45014-5457Toll Free (800) 543-7166E-mail: sales@finncorp.com www.finncorp.comFINN HPN is a super soluble, high phosphorous starter fertilizer aimed at sup-plying all the nutrients and micro-nutrients necessary for the first 4-6 weeks of new seedling life. This is a field proven nutrient product used in the turf industry for seed establishment. Finn HPN is ...

    By FINN Corporation

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    Building Services Brochure

    With over twenty five years of industry experience, an impressive international client portfolio and range of successful case studies, atg UV Technology are leading the way in this rapidly growing market. With industry regulations becoming more strict and stringent, increasing governmental and media interest and the growing threat of chemically resistant micro-organisms such as Cryptosporidium, ...

    By atg UV Technology

  • Frischhut - Model Hydro Max - Irrigation Hydrant Brochure

    Irrigation hydrant with automatic drainage and flushing. With the new irrigation hydrant type "Hydro-Max" DN 100, we have united all our experiences of the production of post-fire and underground hydrants with the since years established system "Heide ...

  • State of the Art Novel InFlow Tech: 1-Gearturbine/RotaryTurbo, Similar Aeolipile 10–70AD, 2-Imploturbocompressor/One Compression Step, From Macro to Micro

    Featured Project Development - State of the Art Novel InFlowTech; 1-Gearturbine RotaryTurbo, 2-Imploturbocompressor One Compression Step *Wordpress Blog State of the Art Novel InFlow Gearturbine Imploturbocompressor: http://stateoftheartnovelinflowtech.blogspot.mx/ *1-GEARTURBINE BEHANCE Images Gallery Portafolio: ...

  • Micro - Model 712 MT - Wheeled Trenchers Brochure

    The 712MT micro trencher features a unique automatic wheel drive propulsion system. This trencher utilizes a load sensing hydraulic valve to adjust the trenching wheel speed to the load on the digging chain. When the load on the digging chain increases, the sensing valve sends less oil to the wheel drive motor and the wheel speed will automatically slow down. When the load on the digging chain ...

    By Barreto Manufacturing Inc.

  • Galarza - Model 620 Series - Electric Valve - Brochure

    GALARZA’S 620 series offers high performance, reliability, robustness and long lasting, because its plastic components are not affected by corrosion suffered by cast iron valves. These electric valves are molded in the highest quality with high impact resistance and a special variation made to tolerate chemicals products (made order), particularly suitable to irrigation facilities, ...

    By Galarza

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    Drip Irrigation is the most important irrigation system which is boosting the agricultural production. The traditional surface irrigation methods can only be applied in the evened areas. Also, the water is required to be abundant and appropriate to the irrigation as ...

    By Damla Plast

  • Model 710, 715 - Atmospheric Vacuum Breakers Specification Sheet

    Series 710, 715 Atmospheric Vacuum Breakers assure positive protection against backsiphonage of impure water into the main supply in the event that pressure loss causes vacuum conditions. Series 710, 715 is ideal for hose bibs, chemical vats, X-ray tanks, turf irrigation systems, and laboratory sinks. They feature a bronze body and lightweight plastic poppets. Maximum Working Pressure: 150psi ...

  • GreyLink HDL Series Greywater Irrigation System Datasheet

    Object MovedThis document may be found ...

    By Flotender

  • GreyLink MDL Series Greywater Irrigation System Datasheet

    Object MovedThis document may be found ...

    By Flotender

  • GL Series Flotender Systems Brochure

    Sustainable Irrigation with ...

    By Climate, Inc.

  • AquaPress - Pressure Compensating Dripline Brochure

    AQUAPRESS is the new generation dripline with integral dripper, equipped with three main systems which ensure reliable performance in long lasting installations, on slope fi elds, surface or subsurface ...

    By Plastic Puglia

  • Model O Series - Screen Filters Brochure

    Screen filters O series are used for the removal of inorganic particles in small quantities and as a secondary filter to media filters to prevent irrigation system from clogging. Not recommended for the removal of heavy loads of inorganic and organic particles. ...

    By Drop

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