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Irrigation Equipment

  • DPG - Model 5-3.5-3 + 2.5% Ca, 0.025% Zn, 0.025% Fe, 0.025 - Nutrients, Nitrogen & Phosphorus Fertilizer

    DPG 5-3.5-3 Plus 2.5% Ca Micro is a concentrated source of all three major nutrients; nitrogen (5.0% as N), phosphorus (3.5% as P2O5) and potassium (3.0% as K2O), but also has the benefit of available calcium (2.5% as Ca) and chelated copper (0.025% as Cu), chelated iron (0.025% as Fe) and chelated zinc (0.025% as Zn). Beside the readily available ...

    By Deerpoint Group, Inc based in Madera, CALIFORNIA (USA). from DPG Macro & Macro/Micro Fertilizer Blends Product line

  • DPG - Model 7-21-0 - Nutrients & Phosphorus Fertilizer

    DPG 7-21-0 is a concentrated source of nitrogen (7% as N) and phosphorus (21% as P2O5) that can be used to provide readily available nitrogen and phosphorus to all types of crops including vegetables and fruits. The formulation contains levels of soil-beneficial carbon-based, organic material (6.3%). As a result, this easy to apply, unique ...

    By Deerpoint Group, Inc based in Madera, CALIFORNIA (USA). from DPG Macro & Macro/Micro Fertilizer Blends Product line

  • Garland - Model G167G - Green Plant Halos

    Our new and unique Plant Halos offer an 'all in one' watering and crop support solution for popular crops such as tomatoes, peppers and beans. Sold in sets of 3, Plant Halos can be used on grow bags, pots (with a diameter of 26cm and above), raised beds, as well on traditional vegetable plots. The central inner pot creates the planting area which ...

    By Garland Products Ltd based in Kingswinford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Patio Gardening Range - Plant Halos & Grow Grids Product line

  • Aquatrols - Fertilizer Coating Technology

    Aquatrols Fertilizer Coating Technology utilizes the power of Aquatrols soil surfactants to maximize fertilizer performance. The surfactant coating moves water and nutrients into the soil more uniformly, ensuring better downward penetration and lateral distribution in the rootzone. This allows turf roots to more easily access and utilize ...

    By Aquatrols Corporate based in Paulsboro, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Stabilized Mulching Film

    Mulching film is the coverage of soil around the plants with polyethylene film. This agricultural method influences on water, air and thermal regime of the soil. In addition mulching accelerates the biological processes in the soil, ensuring better supply of plant with nutrients. Mulching film also inhibits the growth and development of weeds, ...

    By Planet Plastic LLC based in Kyiv Region, UKRAINE. from Stabilized Mulching and Silage Film Product line

  • Pressure PVC Fittings

    Atoxic UPVC fittings for the construction of pipeline systems for fluids under pressure. The different types of connection are: rubber ring socket, solvent socket , plain ends or threaded ends. They can be employed in the field of irrigation, aqueducts and industry.

    By LA.RE.TER. s.p.a. based in Fiesso Umbertiano (ROVIGO), ITALY. from Fittings Product line

  • Hiniker - Model 6000 - Cultivator

    The 6000 Cultivator is designed to work in all soil, all residue, all crop, and all climatic conditions. Imagine a cultivator designed to work in all soil, all residue, all crop and all climatic conditions. What would it look like? You don't have to wonder any longer, because the 6000 has arrived at your Hiniker dealer. Middleworker point and ...

    By Hiniker Company based in Mankato, MINNESOTA (USA). from Cultivators Product line

  • In-Greenhouse Irrigation System and Automation

    The in-greenhouse irrigation system that is projected in accordance with the plant and cultivation environment ensures high productivity by working in full compliance with the fertilization system that is specifically designed. Productive solutions that are suitable for the investors are offered with a wide range alongside with Climate control, ...

    By AYS Project A.Ş. based in Sk. Mersin, TURKEY.

  • MOL - Special Liquid Products

    End of discussion in Humic&Fluvic acid fertilezers. MOL sp, fully organic (plant residues), if applicated on soil it shows animal manure advantages. MOL sp, on soil; Increases water – holding capacity. Encouraging uptake of NPK. Stimulates root and soil microorganisms growth. Mobilizes trace – elements like Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu. Ensures ...

    By Makro Tarim Limited Company based in Dosemealti / Antalya, TURKEY. from Liquid Products Product line

  • biodecal - Calcium (Ca) Shredder Bacteria - Microbial Fertilizer

    Sleep in the form of bacterias after applying to soil or leaves, they germinate to form of active tissues. These bacteria tissues grow from root remains injured by carbon sources in the soil or plants. Through their growth and divisions, the enzymes are discharged Soil Plants For Non Plant Available from making of Calcite and other Calcium ...

    By Makro Tarim Limited Company based in Dosemealti / Antalya, TURKEY. from Microbial Products Product line

  • baiclean - Liquid Chemical Products

    The plant is a kind of naturallay derived from the sea and it contains NPK fertilizer. Of plant; Near resolving the need for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, content through the natural oils of the plant cell by making coating the plants and it helps to immunity adverse conditions. Also a positive effect on the cell by osmotic pressure of plant ...

    By Makro Tarim Limited Company based in Dosemealti / Antalya, TURKEY. from Special Products Product line

  • Model NFT - Multi-Ducts System

    Our Multi-Ducts are large NFT systems ideal if you've got a long space with limited headroom. The long planting channels (up to 8ft long) and low height reservoir enable you to make the most of your growing space - even in spaces with little headroom. And because our Multi-Ducts utilise the Nutrient Film Technique which provides plants with almost ...

    By Nutriculture based in Skelmersdale, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hydroponic Systems Product line

  • TracMap - GPS Vehicle for Livestock & Dairy Farmers

    Create the correct sized feed breaks. Either use the software built into the TracMap GPS display unit to create breaks “on the fly” or create them in TracMap Online from the comfort of the office. From TracMap Online you can wirelessly send jobs to staff to complete. No mistakes. No wrong break sizes. No stock in the wrong place. ...

    By TracMap NZ Ltd. based in Mosgiel, NEW ZEALAND. from Agriculture Product line

  • Bright - Model 4 - Tower Farm Wall

    1 x 4-Tower Farm Wall. 4 ZipGrow Towers. 2 PVC Gutters (38' length).  Drip irrigation system. Submersible Pump. Media pulling hook. Appropriate number of wicking strips (2 per 5' tower). Miscellaneous hardware (Wall mounts, screws, control valve, zipties, etc). Top Off Tank.

    By ZipGrow Inc. based in Cornwall, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Hobbyists Product line

  • Model LD Plus PE - Irrigation Pipe

    Micro-irrigation systems are irrigation systems that deliver water to the soil very near the plant or directly into the plant root zone via low pressure pipes and drip, microjet and micro spray devices. Vinidex offer a range of micro-irrigation pipes from 13mm (½”) to 32mm (1¼”) suitable for use at pressures up to 300kPa ...

    By Vinidex Pty Ltd. based in Darlinghurst, AUSTRALIA.

  • DuCaR - Model Atom 15 PC - Impact Sprinklers

    Water Input: 1'. Working Pressure: 2 - 4.5 atm. Water Requirement: 1.3 - 3.3 m³. Knockers: 5.0 - 5.5 - 6.0 - 6.5 mm. Body Angle: 23°. Box Dimension: 0.190 cm X 0.175 cm. Weight: 0.25 kg. Shooting Range: 13 - 17.5 m. Circle: Full & Part Circle (FC & PC).

    By DuCaR Sprinklers Australia based in Sumner / Brisbane, AUSTRALIA. from Irrigation Sprinklers - Impact Sprinklers Product line

  • DuCaR IrriCruiser - Compact Travelling Irrigator

    Cable Length: 300 m. Number of Hose Reels: 1. Technology Package: Electronic And Solar System (2 x 18 Amp Gel Battery, 2 x 20W Solar Panel, Digital Turbine and Tachometer RPM reader, Led Safety Lamp, Led Working Lamp, Led Inner Body Lamp). Sprinkler: DuCaR JET 50T. Effective Spray Width: 50M - 70M. Tyre Size: Rear Tyre 600 x 16 Front Tyre 18.5 x ...

    By DuCaR Sprinklers Australia based in Sumner / Brisbane, AUSTRALIA. from New Products Product line

  • FertiLine - In-Line Machine Suitable for Small Systems of Greenhouses

    Irrigation flow up to 40 m3/hour. Activates 1 to 300 valves. Computerized operation – local or using PC. EC and pH control. 35 Irrigation Programs. 10 Fertilization Programs. 3 to 4 Venturi Injectors, 350 to 400 Liter/hour. Stainless Steel Booster Pump. Fertilizer counter for each Injector. Visual flow Meter for each Injector. Pressure ...

    By Gavish based in Givat Brenner, ISRAEL. from GreenLine Product line

  • SDEC - Model SMS 2000 - Simple Tensiometer Tube

    The SMS series tensiometric tubes are designed to be used with the electronic hand held meter, ref. SMS 2500S. SDEC France's tensiometer tubes are also compatible with all other tensimeters on the market (compatible outer diameter).

    By SDEC France based in Tauxigny, FRANCE. from Soil Tensiometers Product line

  • Model SR 1000 - Direct Reading Tensiometer

    Accepted as the way to measure the water potential in soils, the tensiometer has become an easy to use and very handy tool for field research (agronomy) and managing inputs in agriculture (water). The SR 1000 tensiometer is robust as well as cost effective. Measurements are taken with a BOURDON type manometer. This measuring principle, easy to use ...

    By SDEC France based in Tauxigny, FRANCE. from Soil Tensiometers Product line

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