Root Irrigation Downloads

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    Aquatape - Drip Tape - Leaflet (US)

    New generation drip tape with continuous turbulent flow labyrinth designed to prevent sedimentation. Emission uniformity on longer rows. Inlet filters to prevent labyrinth clogging. The slit outlet helps prevent root intrusion and assists with anti-siphon. The green stripe on upper side of tape indicates correct position for field installation. Ideal for irrigation of light sand ...

    By Plastic Puglia

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    Draincore2 - Golf Brochure

    From municipal courses to the most exclusive clubs, the Draincore2 system is the premier drainage system for tee boxes and greens. The Draincore2 geocomposite creates a one-inch void below the sand root zone mix that allows oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange and produces the perfect perched water table. A Draincore2 green or tee grows the healthiest turf with the strongest roots and prevents ...

    By Invisible Structures, Inc.

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    FINN HydroGel Additive System Specification Sheet

    FINN HydroGel B is a polymer that is able to store water and nutrients up to 500% its own size and weight. Once HydroGel B releases its stored moisture and nutrients to the root system, it will replenish itself with the next rainfall or irrigation. Finn HydroGel B is a plant watering aid used to reduce or eliminate stress caused by a lack of ...

    By FINN Corporation

  • Priva - Neutralizer Unit - Brochure

    There is a possibility that the bicarbonate content of your irrigation water is too high and the water will then require pre-treatment.  Reducing these high levels of bicarbonate in the water allows you to reliably control the subsequent EC and pH levels.  This results in a stable pH from the fertiliser dosing unit down to the roots and enables the plants to absorb the fertilisers more ...

    By Priva

  • Trijet - Emitters Brochure

    An innovative series of emitters specifically designed for irrigation of young plants of oil palm trees and other trees planted in large spacing. The emitters throw a jet of water directly into the root zone , thus eliminating the waste of water. The product is available in three configurations ...

    By Tavlit Plastic Ltd.

  • Terraland - Model TN - Cultivator Brochure

    Bednar’s Terraland chisel plough from Knight Farm Machinery could help users protect their soils against wind and water erosion. The machine – which can work up to 65 cms deep - offers a viable alternative to ploughing, and is proving popular with farmers looking to restructure damaged soils, such as those growing a substantial acreage of root crops. The machine’s rear roller ...

    By Knight Farm Machinery Ltd

  • Triad - Non-Impact Sprinklers Brochure

    The Triad is ideal for irrigating small roots zones associated with small trees, oil palms, pecans and a variety of fruit ...

    By Senninger Irrigation, Inc.

  • Skye - Mini Electronic Tensiometers Brochure

    Small design allows insertion into soil without damaging nearby plant roots. Ideal for irrigation management of glasshouse crops. Small design suitable for use in plant pots and gro-bags. Suitable for soil, peat and other mediums. No correction factors for different soils or ...

    By Skye Instruments Limited

  • ByPass - Root Stimulants Brochure

    A product for soil application as a drench or via low volume irrigation systems. In the field, it has proven itself to be truly unique in aiding trees and row crops to overcome environmental stress. ByPass contains alpha-keto acids. It is formulated for soil application to fruit trees and vegetables to overcome stress caused by moisture and temperature extremes, and pest related stresses. Timely ...

    By KeyPlex

  • Fan-Jet-PLUS Brochure

    P.O. Box 428 • Exeter, CA 93221 USAToll-Free USA: 1-(800) BOWSMITH 1-(800)-269-7648P: (559) 592-9485 F: (559) 592-2314www.bowsmith.comFan-JetMicrosprinklers™PLUS™PLUSFAN-JET ™PLUSFAN-JET ™PLUSNO BUGSFan-Jet PLUS advantages over drip emitters: Larger wetted area per tree = Larger root systemGreater irrigation flexibility = Energy savings, soil aeration, & frost protection Priced lower than ...

    By Bowsmith, Inc.

  • Root Endz MSDS Brochure

    MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET CONFORMS WITH OSHA FORM OMB NO. 1218-0072 ROOT ENDZ IDENTITY (As Used on Label and List) Date Prepared – 01/03/03 Roebic Root Endz, REZ Person Preparing Document - David Lawler Section 1 Manufacturer's name Emergency Telephone Number Roebic Laboratories, Inc. ...

    By Roebic Laboratories, Inc.

  • K-77 Root Killer MSDS Brochure

    Page 1 of 3 Material Safety Data Sheet Conforms with OSHA form OMB No. 1218-0072 Roebic K-77 Root Killer, 2 pounds Roebic Laboratories, Inc. Emergency Telephone Numbers- 25 Connair Road, PO Box 927 ROEBIC (203) 795-1283 Orange, CT 06477 CHEMTREC (800) 424-9300 Date: 11/09/04 Preparer: Dave Lawler SECTION I - INGREDIENTS Chemical Name Copper Sulfate, Blue ...

    By Roebic Laboratories, Inc.

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