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  • Dairy farm New Mexico, USA

    Dairy farm New Mexico, USA

    Type of Wastewater System: Facility to Lagoon For Solid and Wastewater CollectionProblem: This facility has an expensive liner in its lagoon, and the use of equipment to remove the solids from the lagoon was not an option. It also dewaters the lagoon via irrigation onto row crops every 30 days. The buildup of solids in the lagoon had reached a point of capacity such that they we


  • Taller, thinner crop beds save money, water, other resources

    Taller, thinner crop beds save money, water, other resources

    Looking out over thousands of acres of tomatoes, Miguel Talavera, director of East Coast growing operations at Pacific Tomato Grower, Ltd., marvels at the narrow lanes of fruit that are thriving in the hot Florida sun. Talavera credits increase in ...

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  • Custom Controls Product

    Custom Controls Product

    H3PC’s unique Engineering ability gives you direct access to accomplish a specific task. If you have Poultry Production, Blueberries, Olives, Cranberries, Orange Groves, Peach Orchards, Pecan Orchards, Vegetable Production (on plastic under drip), or all the above in conjunction with row crops under Pivot Irrigation, we can give you the control and flexibility you need to accomplish your ...