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    Algae Control in Golf Course Ponds brochure

    Control algae and increase the aesthetic appearance of the golf course pond. Ponds in golf courses often have both an ornamental and irrigation purpose. To furnish both, it is important that the water looks clear, is free of any solids and should not contain chemicals that may harm the plant ...

    By LG Sonic

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    Lifelike, Stalking 3D Coyote Instructions Manual

    Rid your property of aggressive, disease-carrying Canada geese. As coyotes are natural predators of Canada geese, this life-size, realistic coyote replica is a safe, humane and effective solution for geese at golf courses, city parks, corporate grounds, homes and ...

    By Bird-X Inc.

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    TeraFlo A Universal Liquid Soil Polymer - Brochure

    TeraFlo is an environmentally friendly polymeric formulation providing a variety of benefits when any type plant, grass or trees. The viscous liquid copolymer base contains humectants, sulfates and proprietary additives that have specific applications for Fine Turf, Horticulture, Landscaping, Tree Orchards and ...

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    TeraFlo AG Universal Liquid Soil Polymer - Brochure

    TeraFlo AG is an environmentally friendly polymeric formulation providing a variety of benefits when any type plant, grass or trees.  The viscous liquid copolymer base contains humectants, sulfates and proprietary additives that have specific applications for Fine Turf, Horticulture, Landscaping, Tree Orchards and ...

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    A1200 Rocket Food Waste Composter

    The A1200 Rocket Composter, the first in the Tidy Planet range of high capacity in vessel food waste composting sytstems,capable of treating food wastes, green garden wastes, yard scraps and trimmings and animal wastes. Continual throughput, higher levels of automation and minimal moving ...

    By Tidy Planet Limited

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    POGO Portable Soil Moisture, Salinity and Temperature Sensor Datasheet

    POGO is a professional, all-in-one system obtaining superior insight into course conditions, allowing better decisions to be made efficiently and cost effectively for presenting the finest conditions possible. Apply irrigation and fertilization precisely through condition-based management. Reduce chances for turf decline and waste using visual analysis and condition audits. Create GPS mapping, ...

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    Draincore2 - Golf Brochure

    From municipal courses to the most exclusive clubs, the Draincore2 system is the premier drainage system for tee boxes and greens. The Draincore2 geocomposite creates a one-inch void below the sand root zone mix that allows oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange and produces the perfect perched water table. A Draincore2 green or tee grows the healthiest turf with the strongest roots and prevents ...

    By Invisible Structures, Inc.

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    PlantControl - Model D 9.52.01 - Wireless Data Logger and Sensors Brochure

    All it takes for environmental researchP.O. Box 4, 6987 ZG Giesbeek, the NetherlandsT +31 313 88 02 00F +31 313 88 02 99E info@eijkelkamp.comI www.eijkelkamp.comPlantControl D wireless data loggerAP.19.52.E© July 2014Soil moisture and soil temperature monitoring system for larger surface areasIn combination with PlantCare’s wireless soil moisture sensors, the PlantControl D is used for the ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

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    IGEBA - Model U5M - ULV Cold Fogger & Sprayer - Brochure

    U5M ULV Spraying & Misting: A self-contained, gas motor driven, ULV sprayer/ cold fog generator. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton commercial 4-stroke engine, no power cords or generators needed. Low noise output makes the U5M ideal for spraying public spaces such as golf courses, city parks, resorts, campgrounds, ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

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    HydroSprigging & PC Pump Info Brochure

    HYDROSPRIGGING & PC PUMP INFORMATIONIn many segments of our industry, the demand for applications that require the pumping of heavy, dense slurry materials has driven the developments of various pump alternatives. Projects that are requiring these intense applications are golf course turf establishment, spray-on erosion control, landfill covering and sod field establishment. The materials that ...

    By FINN Corporation

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    FINN HPN Additive System Specification Sheet

    9281 LeSaint DriveFairfield, OH 45014-5457Toll Free (800) 543-7166E-mail: www.finncorp.comFINN HPN is a super soluble, high phosphorous starter fertilizer aimed at sup-plying all the nutrients and micro-nutrients necessary for the first 4-6 weeks of new seedling life. This is a field proven nutrient product used in the turf industry for seed establishment. Finn HPN is ...

    By FINN Corporation

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    Mosquito Barrier - Mosquito Repellent - Brochure

    Safe for yards, parks, ball fields, golf courses, gardens and more. It's All Natural & Safe: Mosquito Barrier is a very strong liquid garlic extract (over 99% garlic juice). It comes from a special variety of garlic which is many times more potent than the type found in grocery stores. Using liquid garlic as a repellent is not new, it has been used by master gardeners and farmers for many ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

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    Texas A & M Women’s Soccer --2003 Photos – College Station, Texas

    03/05/2007 03:35 PMProject Profiles - Record DetailPage 1 of 2http://…op=cn&project%20name=reliant&-lop=or&-max=20&-recid=32945&-find=Texas A & M Women’s Soccer --2003 Photos – College Station, TexasClick on an image below toenlarge the view2002 Big 12 Champions and2002 Elite Eight. This isimportant for our product DC2because the good ...

    By Invisible Structures, Inc.

  • Dixon - Model DX254 - Zero Turn Mower- Brochure

    The DX200 series from Dixon ZTR provides the performance and durability to meet the needs of today's lawn maintenance professionals. For maximum productivity, the computer aided cutting deck design offers premium cut quality and dispersal at high speeds up to 12 mph. Extensive use of heavy gauge steel, cast iron and oversized components combine to provide solid commercial construction for ...

    By Dixon

  • Progressive - Model TDR-12B - Tri Deck Roller Mower- Brochure

    The TDR-12B tri-deck roller mower has a 12' wide cut and full length rollers on each deck making it ideal for golf courses, sports turf and polo fields alike. The TDR-12B can cut as low as ½" while it stripes the turf for a pleasing visual impact. Using the Progressive TDR-12B will provide an outstanding professional finished appearance as it smooths the surface at the same time. In ...

  • Progressive - Model TDR-15B - Tri-Deck Finishing Mowers Brochure

    With a 15.5' cutting width, the TDR-15B was designed to maintain wide area mowing venues that require a superior after cut appearance quickly and efficiently. Full length rollers allow a cut as low as ½", while simultaneously rolling and striping the mowing surface. The TDR-15B is ideal for turf grass production where transporting the mower from site to site is a ...

  • Progressive - Model TDR-22n / TDR-22n - 22` Tri-Deck Roller Finishing Mower Brochure

    After extensive testing and evaluation, including several seasons operating as a production mower with independent turfgrass producers, Progressive Turf Equipment is pleased to announce the next generation of the popular TDR-22. With a 22' cutting swath, this tri-deck roller mower is proudly built in North America, and is available in both painted and the popular galvanized deck configurations. ...

  • Progressive - Model TD65B - Tri-Deck Finishing Mowers Brochure

    The Progressive TD65B is a tri-deck finishing mower designed to maintain large areas quickly and economically. With a 15.5' wide cutting swath, the TD65B is capable of mowing over 90 acres in an 8 hour day at speeds up to 6 miles per hour. Three independent floating mower decks are mounted on a transport frame that allows each deck to follow the ground contours commonly found in school yards, ...

  • Pro-Max - Model 36 - Mowing System Brochure

    Since 2001, the Pro-Max 36 mowing system has been the go-to mower for large scale turfgrass producers. Progressive Turf Equipment is pleased to announce an evolution to the 'front half' of the Pro-Max 36 mowing system: the PM-36. For information on the recent changes incorporated into the Next Generation TD92 please click [here]. Responding to customer input, several key changes have been ...

  • Dolmar - Model HT-2249 D - Gasoline Hedge Trimmers Brochure

    Hedgetrimmer for sophisticated garden owners and ...

    By Dolmar

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