Landscaping Equipment available in Tennessee

  • Munckhof - Weed Sprayers

    Munckhof weed sprayers use a high quality 30 Lt/min PTO driven pump, and are durable to give many years of useful herbicide application. Booms are built with spring loaded break-aways, they are available in single, double, or over-the-row configuration, and have also proven useful when mounted to bin loaders or row adjusters. Available in tank ...

    By Munckhof Manufacturing based in Oliver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Weed Sprayers Product line

  • Pine Bark Nuggets

    A lightweight mulch comprised of large, unmilled bark pieces. The mulch has texture, good color, uniform size, and is perfect for the entry location of a home or business. Ideal as a decorative mulch and weed control.

    By Harvest Power, Inc based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Pine Bark Nuggets Product line

  • Cypress Mulch Blend

    The texture and color of natural Cypress Mulch is very decorative and will compliment the specimen plants in the beds. Looks exceptional against lush lawns. Widely used in southern states, but cherished by northern landscapers because of its beauty, when available. Ideal as a decorative mulch and for weed control.

    By Harvest Power, Inc based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Cypress Mulch Blend Product line

  • Espresso Brown Colored Mulch

    Enhanced with a natural, non-toxic tint that will not fade. Espresso Brown is an inviting color to accent your landscape beds in a perfectly natural tone of rich, dark brown. During the height of dry weather and heat, Espresso Brown will not fade, looking as bright and fresh as the day it is installed. Ideal for weed control and moisture ...

    By Harvest Power, Inc based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Espresso Brown Colored Mulch Product line

  • Crush-Rite - Low Input Crimper-Roller

    The Crush-Rite is Rite Way's new low input crimper-roller.

    By Rite Way Mfg. Co. Ltd. based in Imperial, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Low Input Crimper-Roller Product line

  • Brush Weeder

    Technology applicable in organic production. Accurate and efficient system. High Efficiency

    By Baertschi Agrartecnic AG based in Huswil, SWITZERLAND. from Brush Weeder Product line

  • Triple Brush Weeder

    Flexible brushes. Equipped with 3 double acting oscillating parallelograms. With individual folding hinges for each brush

    By Baertschi Agrartecnic AG based in Huswil, SWITZERLAND. from Triple Brush Weeder Product line

  • Rolojack - Brush Weeder

    Suitable for organic production. Excellente for the establishment of a mulch with legumes. Can be combined with disk harrows

    By Baertschi Agrartecnic AG based in Huswil, SWITZERLAND. from Brush Weeder Product line

  • Model AEC - Coconut Straw Blend

    AEC Premier Straw/Coconut and AEC Premier Coconut ECBs are pc_straw_5degradable ECBs consisting of the finest weed seed free agricultural straw fibers and the highest quality strands of coconut fiber. By adding 30% coconut fibers to the AEC Premier Straw ECB, the straw/coconut blend of fibers can extend the degradable life up to 24 months ...

    By Midwest Construction Products based in Fort Myers, FLORIDA (USA). from Coconut Straw Blend Product line

  • Mini-Mantra - Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    The Mini-Mantra Plus handheld sprayer was one of the top-selling MANKAR ULV spraying systems until the MANKAR-HQ 45 has been introduced! The Mini-Mantra models are the predecessors of the MANKAR-HQ sprayers. Three different types have been sold

    By Mantis ULV Sprühgeräte GmbH based in Geesthacht, GERMANY. from Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems Product line

  • MANKAR - Model ONE - Roll Wheelbarrow Units

    The new MANKAR-ONE models have a wheel-driven pump, so that metering is dependent on the distance travelled (path-dependent) and not on the speed of forward motion. In contrast to the previous MANKAR-Roll sprayers the new models have a one size slim wheel of 53 cm which is also suited to rough surfaces but nevertheless keeps the sprayer small and ...

    By Mantis ULV Sprühgeräte GmbH based in Geesthacht, GERMANY. from Roll Wheelbarrow Units Product line

  • Fence Line Mowers

    We are proud that our Fence-Line Mowers can be found at thoroughbred farms throughout the Bluegrass State of Kentucky.  Our customers include the University of Kentucky Research Farm and Denali Stud. To keep the pastures and paddocks looking sharp, these farms are constantly mowing.  The cost of manually trimming fences on large farms ...

    By Butler Equipment, Inc. based in Dyersburg, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • RoboECO - Remote Controlled Equipment Carrier for Slopes

    RoboECO is a remote-controlled machine conceived to cut grass and weeds,  in any working environment.  Its peculiar design concept,, the low barycenter, the track edges shaped to operate in very bumpy areas still maintaining the greatest traction, special engine oil pan which allows the prolonged use of the machine, in declivity ...

    By Energreen s.r.l. based in Cagnano di Pojana Maggiore, ITALY. from Remote Controlled Equipment Carrier for Slopes Product line

  • Basagran - Herbicide for Control of Dicotyledonous Weeds

    Basagran is a contact herbicide for the control of dicotyledonous weeds in arable farming and vegetable cultivation. Basagran is primarily absorbed by the green parts of the plant. It interferes with the weed’s photosynthesis. Good weather, which encourages growth, also fosters the uptake of the active ingredient and thus favors its effect. ...

    By BASF SE based in Ludwigshafen, GERMANY. from Herbicide for Control of Dicotyledonous Weeds Product line

  • Model 9580 - 8 Row Vine Chopper

    A lawnmower on steroids - when its green its gone. With the Vine Chopper Spudnik developed a mechanical alternative to chemical weed control. After chopping, as the potato skin sets and harvest begins, farmers have less vine to deal with. Different Rear Wheel Options Vine deflectors direct the cut vines into the furrows, allowing the cut potato ...

    By Spudnik Equipment Company, LLC based in Blackfoot, IDAHO (USA). from 8 Row Vine Chopper Product line

  • Damcon - Model Multitrike - High clearance tractor

    High clearance tractor for multirow processing of high crops as growing of fruit trees, Christmas trees, shrubs, conifers and so on. Row distance from 90 - 150 cm. Equipment for spraying, pruning, soil tillage, harvesting, weed control.

    By Damcon B.V. based in Dodewaard, NETHERLANDS.

  • Quality Soil Products

    Agresource provides a variety of custom soil mixes throughout most of the Northeast. Agresource can deliver or make soil on large landscape construction sites.

    By Agresource, Inc. based in Amesbury, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Mosquito Barrier - Mosquito Repellent

    Mixed and applied as directed Mosquito Barrier repels mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, black flies, and gnats. It is also a deterrent for animals such as; armadillos, deer, field mice, geese and rabbits. All Natural & Safe: Mosquito Barrier is a very strong liquid garlic extract (over 99% garlic juice). It comes from a special variety of garlic which ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc. based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA). from Mosquito Repellent Product line

  • Claydon TerraBlade - Model M6 - Inter-Row Hoe

    The Claydon TerraBlade inter-row hoe is a low-cost, mechanical method of controlling weeds in combinable, band-sown crops. It provides an additional weapon in the agricultural industry’s weed control armoury at a time when the efficacy of some herbicides is decreasing whilst the cost of control is increasing. Band sowing at 30cm leaves a ...

    By Claydon Yieldometer Ltd./ Claydon Drills based in Suffolk, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • CropCare - Model 110 & 150 Gallon - 3pt Ag Sprayers

    CropCare 110 & 150 gallon 3pt. mounted ag sprayers are built with both versatility and affordability for a wide range of commercial customers. Their applications include crop spraying, hobby farming, golf courses or as a secondary sprayer for post-emergence spraying. These field sprayers can be customized to your needs with a wide list of ...

    By CropCare based in Lititz, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from 3pt Ag Sprayers Product line

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