Animal Wastewater

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  • Skid Loader Composting Aerators
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    Skid Loader Composting Aerators

    By Brown Bear Corporation

    Mounting: Universal Quick Attach similar to the skid loader bucket. Power Requirements: Unit driven by hydraulic oil from the skid loader. Not based on engine horsepower of skid. Minimum specs are: 20 gallon per minute ...

  • Animal Wastewater Lagoons
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    Animal Wastewater Lagoons

    By Phoenix Plastics, Inc.

    The three threats to animal wastewater lagoons are gas emissions, pathogen propagation, and odor. The Saturn Disk Aquatic Float is a versatile solution that not only resolves these threats, but is also environmentally ...

  • Phosphorous Removal and Harvesting System
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    Phosphorous Removal and Harvesting System

    By Muddy River Technologies Inc

    MagPi is Muddy River’s patent pending electrocoagulation (EC)/ flocculation/ flotation process that uses electric current to dissolve a magnesium anode to form magnesium ammonium phosphate (“struvite”) ...

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  • Nuvac Eco-Science Inc

    Nuvac Eco-Science Inc

    Nuvac Eco-Science inc backed up by expertise of more than 17 years, has been working with several universities and colleges in order to certify their ...

  • DryLet


    Drylet was founded on the principle of helping nature. We are a wastewater remediation technology company whose proprietary biocatalysts optimize ...