Cattle Feed Supplement

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  • Beef Farmer Spring 2017 `Trace elements are key to growth rates`

    Iodine has a direct impact on growth rates as it is incorporated into the thyroid hormones which control metabolism, promoting efficient live weight gain.Annie Williams, Animal Scientist with Agrimin says that many beef units fall short on achieving optimum growth rates because animals do not receive adequate levels of trace elements at grass. She says that with increased feed costs, many produ


  • Building communities in the Sahel that can weather shocks

    Building communities in the Sahel that can weather shocks

    The time has come to break the "vicious circle" of crises in Africa`s Sahel by proactively building up the ability of pastoralist and rural communities to weather drought and other shocks, rather than merely helping them recover from disaster after ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Low-Moisture Blocks

    Low-Moisture Blocks

    A free-choice, all-natural, high energy, molasses based supplement formulated for cattle, sheep, goats, and deer consuming medium to lower quality pasture, hay, or forage.