Commercial Poultry Farming

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  • Breeders Housing System
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    Breeders Housing System

    By Texha PA LLC

    The commercial poultry farms with full production cycle have their own parents flock of breading hens and roosters. Parents flock housing pursues the objective of pullets breeding for adult livestock replacement. ...

  • Granular Powder for Poultry Bedding
    Showcase Product

    Granular Powder for Poultry Bedding

    By BioNutraTech, Inc.

    BiNutrix Gold is a patented formula of granular powder composed of blended, all natural minerals and nutrients specifically formulated to reduce odor and provide humane living conditions for your animals and a more ...

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  • Alma Tractor & Equipment, Inc.

    Alma Tractor & Equipment, Inc.

    Alma Tractor was founded in 1991 as a New Holland Agriculture equipment dealer to supply and service agricultural and light construction equipment in ...

  • OMAZ srl

    OMAZ srl

    OMAZ, a world leader in the poultry industry, was established in 1955 in Civitanova Marche, in the heart of Italian footwear region. Omaz S.r.l. ...

  • Van Aarsen International B.V.

    Van Aarsen International B.V.

    Van Aarsen is developer, manufacturer and supplier of state of the art machines and complete feed mill solutions for the production of compound feed ...

  • Texha PA LLC

    Texha PA LLC

    TEXHA Production Association is the recognized leader in designing and manufacturing of poultry production equipment for commercial poultry farming. ...

  • Nettex Ltd.

    Nettex Ltd.

    Nettex has been developing innovative, high technology solutions for nutrition and animal husbandry since 1983. These include COLLATE and COLOSTRUM; ...