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  • Utility Augers
    Showcase Product

    Utility Augers

    By My-D Han-D Mfg. Co. Inc.

    My-D Han-D utility augers come in handy on so many occasions: at bins, in the feedlot. around the dairy barn, at feedmills and elevators. Move them where they`re needed or permanently install them in your storage or ...

  • Cow Brush
    Showcase Product

    Cow Brush

    By GEA Farm Technologies

    Increase cow comfort: The E-Brush and M-Brush cow brushes ensure greater comfort and optimal hygiene in the cowshed. Whether mounted horizontally or vertically – the brushes are durable and highly efficient.

  • Fully Adjustable Brisket Barrier
    Showcase Product

    Fully Adjustable Brisket Barrier

    By Wilson Agri

    Poly Pillow is an adjustable, strong, reliable brisket barrier. It can be fitted into the majority of free-stall cubicles to ensure your cows are perfectly positioned and beds and cows remain clean and easy to manage.

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  • Agricow srl

    Agricow srl

    AGRICOW is a dynamic company with strong traditions and a clear vision of the future in the international agricultural market. We take care of the ...



    Paul B. Zimmerman opened up his small 40`x60` farm repair shop in 1947. His reputation quickly grew and he expanded his shop several times in the 50s ...

  • AGRI-TRAC Inc.

    AGRI-TRAC Inc.

    To develop a profitable and ongoing business opportunity based on the relationships formed within the farming community. This will be accomplished ...

  • De Boer Housing Systems Ltd

    De Boer Housing Systems Ltd

    De Boer Housing Systems is committed to providing products and designing buildings that positively influence the performance of the herd. Too many ...

  • Equipements PFB inc.

    Equipements PFB inc.

    Equipements PFB inc. is a company specialized in confort of your herd with distribution in north america. Equipements PFB inc. still a leader in ...