Dairy Barns

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Dairy Farms need IPEX too Case Study

    T he Pelletier dairy operation near La Pocatière, Québec needed a wiring and panel upgrade that would be sturdy enough to manage the demands of an 80-cow dairy herd and the insurance inspectors. Dairy barns are unique environments, aside from the cows, the barns need secure wiring for the mil


  • How to get rid of birds out of your dairy barn

    Seeing your dairy barn as a safe and convenient food source, unwanted birds will flock to your property for comfort during the cold winter months. Capable of causing thousands of dollars worth of damage, birds can wreak havoc on your barn and other ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Rotary Milking Systems

    Rotary Milking Systems

    The internal AutoRotor herringbone parlour is characterised by unique stall design: With the cows standing at a 40 degree angle, the operator has excellent access to each cow and an optimum view of the udder throughout the entire milking process. Attaching the cluster is quick and easy.