Dairy cattle handling

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  • Rough Terrain Telescopic Handler
    Showcase Product

    Rough Terrain Telescopic Handler

    By Scantruck A/S

    Manitou have been closely associated with agriculture for more than 20 years, we know your business is both everchanging and demanding, we fully understand your needs so you can be sure you’ll be able to find the ...

  • Animal Separation Handling Race
    Showcase Product

    Animal Separation Handling Race

    By GEA Farm Technologies

    The handling race is a specially designed fence construction to separate cows from the herd individually or in groups.

  • Dairy Crowd Gates
    Showcase Product

    Dairy Crowd Gates

    By Mid Valley Manufacturing Inc.

    Mid Valley Manufacturing in Abbotsford, BC Canada manufactures dairy handling equipment including dairy cow gates (High Lift Crowd Gates) that are designed to gently move your cows without causing injury or undue ...

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  • Howgill UK Ltd

    Howgill UK Ltd

    Howgill UK Ltd is one of the UK's leading suppliers of cattle handling equipment and feeders to the nation's dairy and beef industries. Howgill UK ...

  • Holaras | Hoopman Machines B.V.

    Holaras | Hoopman Machines B.V.

    Holaras is a registered trademark of Hoopman Machines B.V. Since 1911 Hoopman Machines B.V. from The Netherlands is a reliable supplier to the ...

  • Cliff`s Inc.

    Cliff`s Inc.

    Cliff`s Inc. leads in manufacturer of cow comfort supplies, dairy expansion planning, dairy equipment and supplies TMR mixers, conveyors, manure ...

  • Versa Corporation LLC

    Versa Corporation LLC

    Versa Corporation specializes in designing and manufacturing storage and handling equipment for dairy and beef operations from the smallest to the ...

  • ElectroMech Agri Limited

    ElectroMech Agri Limited

    ElectroMech Agri Limited is Ireland’s premier dairy parlour equipment supplier, installer, retailer, service provider and support centre. ...