Dairy cattle handling

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Himmerland dairy farm case study

    A. PRE-TREATMENT Barn Type: 60 tie stall dairy barn. Mats used in stalls. Manure Handling: Barn houses about 17 – 20 cows along each of two 120 foot parallel pits 2.5 feet wide and 5 to 9 feet deep (stepped). The pits gravity drain to the center of the pit and then flow out to an outside manure storage pit via 2.5 foot square pipe. Half of south gutter is used to handle parlour wash. At


  • DairyTuner: more than just advice!

    We are independent dairy consultants with a focus on TMR rations. In the last 20 years DairyTuner has supported dairymen in Europe and the United States. To support dairy consultancy, the sophisticated,’ first of its kind’ DairyTuner ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Double Magnum Vertical PTO Pump

    Double Magnum Vertical PTO Pump

    200 + HP Gearbox for Large Farms and Commercial Hauling Operations. 200 HP PTO Shaft. Double the Depth 10` or 10`, 10` or 12`, 12` or 14` frame design. Double Lube System with Double Mounted Grease Guns or Automatic Grease System Option. Abrasive Resistant 440 Housing with 1/2" Steel Back Plate. Rated 3x Sand Resistant .