Dairy Cow Monitoring

Equipment & Solutions

  • Mycotoxins
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    By eCow Ltd.

    The three genera of fungi (mould) Aspergillus, Fusarium and Penicillium are all known to infect crops, particularly crops under poor management conditions. If exposed to one or more of these ...

  • Roughage Intake Control System (RCI)
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    Roughage Intake Control System (RCI)

    By Hokofarm Group

    The RIC (Roughage Intake Control) system is giving you the possibility of complete individual control of the roughage intake of dairy cows or beef cattle. The system also provides information about individual feed ...

  • Rumen Proof Parlour
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    Rumen Proof Parlour

    By Mayo Healthcare

    Panatec is a novel, non antibiotic, platform technology developed in cooperation with the National University of Ireland. Mayo Healthcare have developed this new technology as a first generation feed supplement with a ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • IceRobotics Ltd.

    IceRobotics Ltd.

    IceRobotics is the world’s leading developer and provider of data collection and analysis products for monitoring dairy cow behaviour. Founded in ...

  • CowChips, LLC.

    CowChips, LLC.

    CowChips, LLC is an emerging high-technology company that is acquiring and developing technology for a product line of diagnostic and detection ...

  • Cowlar Inc.

    Cowlar Inc.

    Cowlar Inc. is building a Fitbit for dairy cows. Our team has developed an advanced Artificial intelligence (AI) system to help dairy farmers improve ...

  • Advanced Animal Diagnostics, Inc.

    Advanced Animal Diagnostics, Inc.

    Lab-quality testing that results in healthier animals, improved food quality, and an enhanced business process. Our Mission: Advanced Animal ...

  • DVM Systems, LLC

    DVM Systems, LLC

    DVM Systems is an animal health company using TempTrack software & temperature monitoring bolus to significantly improve dairy cow health & breeding. ...