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  • Food & Feed - LCA Database
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    Food & Feed - LCA Database

    By thinkstep

    Contains 422 processes and 11 plans representing the most commonly used food and feed products in different geographical regions.

  • Ultimate Cow Cooling System
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    Ultimate Cow Cooling System

    By Agpro Inc

    Finally take control of you tunnel barns with Agpro`s Tunnel Barn Cooling System. Manage your system`s every aspect for efficient operation even in the hottest summer months. More efficient usage of water and ...

  • Poultry Ventilation 54
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    Poultry Ventilation 54


    poultry ventilation 54" fan Weight balance type exhaust fan (drop hammer type exhaust fan)Weight balance type exhaust fan (drop hammer type exhaust fan) features:1. Mirror designed Stainless ...

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  • Fodder oats: a world overview (En)

    Series: FAO Plant Production and Protection SeriesThis book, well illustrated, brings together information on the state of fodder oats worldwide, and ...

  • Guide to good dairy farming practice 2004 (En)

    This guide has been developed by the FAO/International Diary Federation Task Force on Good Dairy Farming Practices in a user-friendly format for ...

  • /files/41776/publications/47584/0-4.jpg

    Advances in Cattle Welfare

    Advances in Cattle Welfare provides a comprehensive overview of contemporary issues in dairy and beef cattle welfare research. The volume takes a ...

  • /files/62670/publications/47782/book6.jpg

    Professione Avicunicoltore

    Professione Avicunicoltore is a technical bimonthly magazine for poultry and rabbit breeders. It focuses on nutrition, genetics, management and ...

  • /files/6063/images/covers/9781402054501.jpg

    Fresh Herbage for Dairy Cattle

    Product quality and a sustainable food chain of ruminant products are largely determined by animal nutrition, in which forage is the major feed ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Pieralisi Group

    Pieralisi Group

    The ongoing co-operation with the end users for the development of innovative products is one of the main strengths of the Pieralisi Group. An ...

  • ENGS Systems

    ENGS Systems

    ENGS is a privately owned company first established in 2000 with the clear goal of developing and providing innovative solutions for the dairy ...

  • Dairy Tech, Inc.

    Dairy Tech, Inc.

    Since 1999, Dairy Tech, Inc.® has been a significant partner in university research of commercial applications of on-farm pasteurization of milk and ...

  • GEA Farm Technologies

    GEA Farm Technologies

    In the field of farming, GEA is a globally leading solutions and systems provider for milk production and livestock farming. We offer integrated ...

  • Artex Barn Solutions

    Artex Barn Solutions

    Artex Barn Solutions is a team of dedicated dairy professionals who are passionate about cow comfort and the success of the farmers we work with. ...