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  • Automatic Dairy Cow Sorting System
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    Automatic Dairy Cow Sorting System

    By GEA Farm Technologies

    Each individual cow and herd has its own requirements. As such, a professional and well-developed system for animal selection is the key to the success on your farm. For effective, reliable and easy sorting, we ...

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  • AS Remedium

    AS Remedium

    Dimedium is a wholesale distributor of veterinary medicines and vaccines, livestock supplies, crop and fish farming products, as well as pet ...

  • DairyLive - a brand by Living Software, Inc.

    DairyLive - a brand by Living Software, Inc.

    Since DairyLive was introduced in 1999, dairy professionals from around the United States and the world have been impressed with its ease of use and ...

  • Cowlar Inc.

    Cowlar Inc.

    Cowlar Inc. is building a Fitbit for dairy cows. Our team has developed an advanced Artificial intelligence (AI) system to help dairy farmers improve ...

  • Uniform-Agri


    UNIFORM-Agri is an international company that develops, sells and supports management systems for dairy farmers all over the world. We are ...

  • Michigan Dairy Tech

    Michigan Dairy Tech

    Kyle O`Brien has been working in IT since 1997 and specializing in the dairy industry for nearly 8 years. Through the years, MDT, has worked many of ...