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  • Portable Machines
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    Portable Machines

    By InterPuls S.p.A.

    iMilk401 is the answer to the growing demand of milk yield indicator for tie-stall barn. The panel permits to choose among 5 milking program, ensuring a tailor made setting depending of the need. The software Dairy Herd ...

  • 6600/7600
    Showcase Product


    By Charm Sciences, Inc.

    The Charm II system provides comprehensive food safety testing for multiple food matrices. The Charm II 6600 is used to test for a wide range of residues in milk and honey. The Charm 7600 (shown above) is used for milk, ...

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  • Agricultural Instruments Corporation (AIC)

    Agricultural Instruments Corporation (AIC)

    Agricultural Instruments Corporation (AIC) is a dynamic company with significant depth in the Dairy Equipment Business. 100 years of Dairy Equipment ...

  • Valley Agricultural Software (VAS)

    Valley Agricultural Software (VAS)

    Valley Agricultural Software (VAS) as the name implies is agriculture first and then software. While we are very proud of our software products we ...

  • FarmWizard


    FarmWizard is a recognized provider of agricultural software for the effective management of farm resources. We have developed a series of web based ...

  • EZid LLC

    EZid LLC

    EZid specializes in a variety of unique ID products for identification in livestock, fish and wildlife. We understand the specialized nature of ...

  • Michigan Dairy Tech

    Michigan Dairy Tech

    Kyle O`Brien has been working in IT since 1997 and specializing in the dairy industry for nearly 8 years. Through the years, MDT, has worked many of ...