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Dairy Feed Supplements equipment for Livestock

  • Redmond - Natural Block

    At Redmond Agriculture, we understand that when your animals feel good, you feel good. That’s why we offer Redmond Natural Block. Our block is made from premium natural sea salt with multiple trace minerals. We don’t add any extra minerals to this block—Redmond’s sea salt already naturally provides trace amounts of ...

    By Redmond Agriculture based in Redmond, UTAH (USA).

  • Rumagentin - Protease enzymes

    Rumagentin is specific blend of protease enzymes. Rumagentin adds that extra digestive power to breakdown and extract the otherwise, unusable protein material from feed. The enzymes naturally produced in the rumen can’t get to all the feed to break it down, so what do we do with the rest? Let it go to waste? That’s where Rumagentin ...

    By AgraKey Solutions LLC based in Jerome, IDAHO (USA). from Dairy Mineral Feed Additives For Your Livestock Product line

  • OceanFeed - Model Bovine - Seaweed Blend

    A Seaweed blend specifically formulated to improve digestive function and performance in ruminants For Dairy Cows, Beef Cattle and Calves. We develop and scale unique feed ingredients from proprietary blends of natural seaweed that enhance gut health and performance in our customer’s animals.

    By Ocean Harvest Technology Limited based in Milltown, IRELAND.

  • LIRA Gold - Model TN Plus - 40 lb Bag - Enzymes Proteinated Minerals & Yeast for Dairy Cattle Feeding

    A blend of DFM, digestive enzymes, proteinated minerals & yeast for dairy cattle feeding. LIRA Gold TN+ is designed to strategically target multiple mycotoxins in forages of questionable quality, and should be part of a comprehensive strategy to evaluate and manage feeding and forage programs to control molds and mycotoxins. A Blend of ...

    By Kauffman`s a division of the Daniel Baum Company based in Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Cow Nutritional Supplements Product line

  • AminoMax ExpandaTherm - Premium Protein

    At AminoMax, our only business is producing premium protein sources of amino acids for dairy cows.  One challenge all feed and ingredient manufacturers need to overcome is Ingredient variation. Through our ongoing relationship with Kansas State University, AminoMax has ownership of a proprietary manufacturing technology called ExpandaThermTM. ...

    By Afgritech LLC based in Watertown, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Distillers’ Grains

    Distillers’ grains consist of the protein, fat, fiber, minerals and vitamins that remain after the starch portion of corn has been used for ethanol production. These concentrated nutrients make distillers’ grains a valuable feed ingredient for dairy and beef cows, hogs and poultry. Available from every GreenField plant, they can be ...

    By GreenField Ethanol Inc. based in Tiverton, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Delacon Actifor Power - Phytogenic Feed Additives for Dairy Cows and Beef Cattle

    Phytogenic feed additives for dairy cows and beef cattle to stabilize pH value. Improving energy efficiency in ruminants: One strategy to boost the performance in beef production and in dairy cows is to feed high shares of carbohydrates. Nevertheless, they cause a decline of pH in the rumen and thus increase the risk of acidosis. Beyond other ...

    By Delacon Biotechnik GmbH based in Steyregg, GERMANY. from Ruminant Product line

  • Electrolytes - Feed Ingredient for Dairy Cattle

    Electrolytes are vital to an animal’s well-being. A balanced diet that include electrolytes (cation/anion exchange) fills an ever-important nutritional gap. Through our extensive procurement options, we are able to offer high quality water-soluble sources of sodium, potassium, and magnesium in chloride form.   

    By Phibro Animal Health Corporation based in Teaneck, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Dairy Cattle Mineral Nutrition Product line

  • Mid Valley - Cattle Mineral Boxes

    Mid Valley Manufacturing’s stainless steel mineral box for cattle is manufactured onsite with the off-site in mind. Our 2 block, 3 block, and bi-carb cattle mineral box plans have been designed to withstand tough and demanding environments plus hold up against the corrosive nature of mineral blocks and salt blocks. And like our dairy cow ...

    By Mid Valley Manufacturing Inc. based in Abbotsford, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Other Products Product line

  • BoviDrops - Beef Feed Supplement / Dairy Feed Supplement

    This supplement contains high levels of vitamins to support nutritional levels in cows which may help with reproduction performance and to maintain immune system. Should be used during breeding, transition, and before & during calving.

    By Van Beek Natural Science based in Orange City, IOWA (USA). from Beef Cattle Products Product line

  • Agrakey - Mos Zyme

    MZ is designed to improve digestive health, eliminate diarrhea, and restore normal digestive flow while extracting the maximum amount of nutrients and energy possible thereby, increasing milk production, protein and fat content. MZ is a unique blend of yeast cell wall extract and digestive enzymes specifically designed to facilitate digestion and ...

    By AgraKey Solutions LLC based in Jerome, IDAHO (USA). from Dairy Mineral Feed Additives For Your Livestock Product line

  • AfiFeed - Model TMR - Individual Feeding System

    In a non-TMR feeding environment, concentrated feed supplements are critical in meeting the nutritional needs of high-yielding cows, especially those that graze. It is crucial that control of individual feed dispensers, either in the parlor during milking or the housing area, is in the hands of the herdsman. Individual feeding, in which each cow ...

    By Afimilk Ltd based in ISRAEL. from Dairy Herd Management Product line

  • Nutria - Model C - Mycotoxin Binder

    The MYCOTOX C, NUTRIA is a polyenergo mykotoxinodesmeytiko, with five active ingredients including Bentonite, diatomaceous earth, organic acids, glyko-mannanes and enzymes. All these constitute a polydynamiko blend, unique mykotoxinodesmeytikis ability and effectiveness in addressing the problem of toxins.

    By Nutria Hellas PC based in Athens, GREECE. from Nutritional - Mycotoxin Binders Product line

  • Nutria - Model MBD - Mycotoxin Binder

    The MYCOTOX MBD NUTRIA , is a polyenergo mykotoxinodesmeytiko, with a key ingredient in bentonite, and potentiating action diatomaceous earth, organic acids, and glycoprotein mannanes All these constitute a polydynamiko mixture, enhanced mykotoxinodesmeytikis capability and effectiveness in addressing the problem of toxins.

    By Nutria Hellas PC based in Athens, GREECE. from Nutritional - Mycotoxin Binders Product line

  • Calf Gel 95 - Beef and Dairy Calve Feed Supplement

    Calf Gel 95 supplies the listed mucoploysaccharides, dietary fiber, electrolytes and vitamins to support nutritional levels in calves.

    By Van Beek Natural Science based in Orange City, IOWA (USA). from Calf Products Product line

  • Delacon Actifor - Combines Highly Effective Feed Additives

    Highly effective feed additives improve efficiency in ruminants. Poor feed efficiency due to multiple energy and protein losses is one of the biggest challenges in ruminant production. In dairy cows less than one third of protein and energy intakeis transformed into milk, and in beef cattle even less than one fifth into meat. The ACTIFOR product ...

    By Delacon Biotechnik GmbH based in Steyregg, GERMANY. from Ruminant Product line

  • Farm Ready - Natural Beef Feed

    FARM READY DAIRY and FARM READY BEEF are natural feed additives for dairy and beef cows specifically formulated and manufactured by GLOBAL NUTRITECH to increase milk production and quality, increase reproductive performance, increase the overall health of your cows, decrease foot problems, increase daily weight gain, and increase quality of meat. ...

    By Global Nutritech based in Richmond, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Dairy Floor

    You have probably noticed this happen in the summer. Cows that walk to the parlour by road practically all walk along the side of the road. They avoid the hard surface if at all possible. Unfortunately, in a dairybarn, a cow has no choice and is forced to take every step on a concrete floor. Using the Dairy Floor from Cowhouse means that your cows ...

    By Cowhouse International bv based in Leeuwarden, NETHERLANDS. from Barn Equipment Product line

  • Ventilex - Low Frequency Ventilex Fluid Bed Dryers

    Our European-manufactured drying systems are the number one choice in industries where where production involves drying product. From food , dairy (e.g. cheese drying) and vitamins to frac sands, animal feed (DDGS dryer), neutraceuticals, minerals, chemicals and biomass drying, our machines provide consistency and efficiency. Cam-driven fluid bed ...

    By VENTILEX B.V. based in BH Heerde, NETHERLANDS.

  • Fluid Bed Cooler

    Ventilex provides energy-saving fluid bed coolers that help you streamline your process and reduce operating costs. Our fluid beds can be engineered to use controlled evaporative cooling to reduce energy consumption and expense up to 10% while significantly increasing processing capacity and returns. Our advanced method of using latent heat to ...

    By VENTILEX B.V. based in BH Heerde, NETHERLANDS.

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