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  • Biliyor muydunuz?

    Did you know over 6 billion people worldwide consume milk and milk products? Whereas cows milk is the most known, today there are so many different types, both dairy and non-dairy! From goats and sheep milk to almonds, rice and coconut milk, there ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Yogurt Maker for Mini Dairy

    Yogurt Maker for Mini Dairy

    Due Ci Inox is able to propose complete tailor-made solutions for the artisanal yogurt production. Our yoghurt makers are not industrial products, otherwise they are made with artisanal attention to details in order to offer long-lasting quality.

Upcoming Events

  • VIV MEA 2020

    VIV MEA 2020

    VIV MEA is the international trade show from feed to food for the Middle East and Africa. Situated in the heart of the Middle Eastern Countries, Abu Dhabi serves as the gateway to the wider Middle East and African region.