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  • Dairy Farms need IPEX too Case Study

    T he Pelletier dairy operation near La Pocatière, Québec needed a wiring and panel upgrade that would be sturdy enough to manage the demands of an 80-cow dairy herd and the insurance inspectors. Dairy barns are unique environments, aside from the cows, the barns need secure wiring for the mil


  • Pasture trials harvest rewards

    Western Dairy’s latest independent pasture trials and demonstrations are bigger than ever and helping inform the seed choices of Western Australia’s dairy farmers. The WA Seed Performance Trial (WASP), Grazing Management Demonstration ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Closed-Loop Organics Management System

    Closed-Loop Organics Management System

    This is a 48 tank system designed to handle the effluent from an approximate 12,000 lactating cow dairy. A steel building is erected over the vertical tanks and roof structures aid in shade and odor control. Manure is vacuumed from the feed-lanes delivered to a reception pit.  The manure is pretreated to correct impurities and enhance its methane content.  The effluent is then processed ...