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  • Top 4 Methods of Milk Pasteurization

    We all know the health benefits of milk; it was practically instilled in us since when we were young. But did you ever consider the dangers milk could pose if it wasn’t properly processed? Dairy farmers all around the world make it possible for milk to be abundant, fresh, available and safe for consumption. In order to ensure public health, milk must be pasteurized before it’s stocked ...

  • Food Transport Trucks

    Food Transport Truck is mostly designed for food reselling or different kinds of food material transportation, which including Mobile Food Truck/Trailer, Refrigerated Truck/Trailer, Milk Tank ...


  • Knockrivoch Farm Customer Story

    Dougie Hogarth from Knockrivoch Farm in Ayrshire, Scotland installed the ADF System in January 2018. “We initially installed ADF to be a milking time and labour saving tool, which has certainly happened. Our SCC and rates of mastitis have also ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Plastic Flooring with an Integrated Rubber Mat

    Plastic Flooring with an Integrated Rubber Mat

    SowComfort is a very durable, non-slip rubber mat guaranteeing a secure foothold for the sow when she stands up or lies down. A special method has made it possible to permanently integrate the rubber mat into the slat during manufacturing. As a result, SowComfort can easily be incorporated into the Big Dutchman floor system.