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  • Crisafulli vertical and trailer pump testimonial Gregerson`s Colorado dairy farm-case study

    Four Crisafulli Pumps. Gregerson`s Colorado Dairy Farm, running 1,500 head, moves liquid manures, fluids and sludges with four Crisafulli pumps: two electric vertical pumps, a six inch PTO trailer mounted pump and a 7.5 horsepower electric lift pump. "We have not experienced trouble with any of these pumps, not even over the summer months when we use both the trailer mounted pump and the lift ...


  • From liquid manure to recyclable material

    From liquid manure to recyclable material

    The MoRoPlant20 treatment system separates liquid manure into solids and process water. The energy-saving compact unit is located in a swap-body container and can be deployed across company boundaries. Special additives consisting of betonite and ...

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  • Manure and Slurry Plants

    Manure and Slurry Plants

    Manure and slurry: Both are ideal and cost-effective substrates that can be easily converted to high-quality biogas, regardless of whether they are generated in individual large-scale operations or in regions where they are being processed. Depending on the underlying conditions, either compact liquid manure plants or industrial-scale biogas plants producing power in the megawatt range and which ...