Dairy Waste

Articles & Whitepapers

  • PeCOD® Analyzer Case Study: Dairy Industry

    The peCOD method for chemical oxygen demand (COD) analysis is well suited to the dairy industry as the fast results obtained provide information important for process monitoring and control. The processing of dairy products such as milk, cream, butter, yogurt, cheese and ice cream often produce wastewater effluents containing sugars, proteins, fats and additives that contribute to high COD ...


  • Wheat Pesticide Review and Ethical Consumer Choices Survey

    If you’ve been following news on the wheat pesticide story, this week the European Food Safety Authority has announced that it will be officially reviewing the risks of the pesticide gyphosphate and will consider new research which suggests ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Separator Baskets

    Separator Baskets

    The Kyte Centrifuge companies including Ken Kyte, Dave Kyte and Trevor Kyte have over 50 total years of centrifuge operational, optimizing , trouble shooting, sales, consulting and start up experience. Ken is a chemical engineer with a degree from the University of Delaware, Dave is a mechanical engineer with a degree from Oklahoma State University and Trevor has a business management degree from ...