Herringbone Milking

Equipment & Solutions

  • Milking Parlours
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    Milking Parlours

    By Van der Ploeg International BV

    Excellent, well regulated milking equipment is very important to achieve high quality milk and good udder health. Therefore Van der Ploeg International developed its own milking parlours named: ...

  • Milking Parlour
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    Milking Parlour

    By Agromasters

    The agromasters herringbone milking parlor combines advanced milking technology, but always with the lowest required investment. The milker sees clearly the 4 teats of the cow due to herringbone indexing of the animals. ...

  • Herringbone Milking Parlours
    Showcase Product

    Herringbone Milking Parlours

    By Fullwood Ltd

    Fullwood HB50i Swing-over, high level herringbone parlour. A parlour which will last generations. Minimal disruption to herd due to quick installation. Cost effective parlour with minimum maintenance. Cow and operator ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • LAKTO Dairy Technologies

    LAKTO Dairy Technologies

    LAKTO Dairy Technologies have entered into sector fast with its expert staff, exclusive service quality and with the professional solutions for dairy ...

  • Vaccar Limited

    Vaccar Limited

    Vaccar is one of the most experienced milking machine companies in the UK, established in 1910 Vaccar has continually worked developing reliable and ...