Herringbone Milking

Equipment & Solutions

  • Side Exit Stalls
    Showcase Product

    Side Exit Stalls

    By Vandenberg Mfg. Co., Inc.

    Our SUPER FAST - SIDE EXIT milking stall was developed around the basic original herringbone milking. The six (6) inch square stainless steel column serves as the basic structural component. The feed conveyor rests on ...

  • Milking Systems for Cows
    Showcase Product

    Milking Systems for Cows

    By Milkplan SA

    MP Cow Armektron Dynamic Herringbone milking parlors are one of the most practical milking systems worldwide. They ensure comfortable, without stress, easy entry of the animals to the milking positions and direct exit ...

  • Herringbone Milking Parlors
    Showcase Product

    Herringbone Milking Parlors

    By Afimilk Ltd

    Herringbone milking parlors, the most common type in use, have proven their efficiency for decades. These parlors ensure a stress-free environment for milkers and smooth cow traffic. Convenient animal positioning makes ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • LAKTO Dairy Technologies

    LAKTO Dairy Technologies

    LAKTO Dairy Technologies have entered into sector fast with its expert staff, exclusive service quality and with the professional solutions for dairy ...

  • Vaccar Limited

    Vaccar Limited

    Vaccar is one of the most experienced milking machine companies in the UK, established in 1910 Vaccar has continually worked developing reliable and ...