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Insect Farming Companies (Livestock)

  • Bird-X Inc.

    based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA).


    Bird-X Inc.

    Bird-X is the international leader in humane pest and bird control solutions, protecting human health, wildlife and the environment in which we all live. Bird-X manufactures a complete line of unique pest control products with an unmatched focus on ...

  • Enterra Feed Corporation

    based in Langley, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

    Enterra Feed Corporation

    We manufacture and market sustainable insect-based feed ingredients, backed by strong technical expertise and a commitment to quality and customer service. Our Core Purpose: To harness the power of insects to feed and care for the world. Enterra ...

    Enterra Whole Dried Larvae

    Enterra Whole Dried Larvae

    Enterra Whole Dried Larvae are a natural and sustainable source of protein and fat that can be blended into feeds or fed directly to chickens, birds, reptiles and other ...

  • Agralan Ltd.

    based in Wiltshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Agralan Ltd.

    Agralan has developed a product range that allows any type of grower to grow the crops they enjoy. Our products are well recognised and used within the commercial growing sector due to the time we have invested into researching the most effective ...

  • BioWorks, Inc.

    based in Victor, NEW YORK (USA).

    BioWorks, Inc.

    For more than 20 years, BioWorks has been a leader in providing environmentally responsible, safe, and effective solutions to the growing needs of the horticulture and specialty agriculture industries. We are now also providing innovative products ...

  • Garden-Ville

    based in San Antonio, TEXAS (USA).


    Garden-Ville was founded by Malcolm Beck as a family farm in 1957. The Becks had strong beliefs that farming should be done in an organic fashion and operated the farm without using any toxic pesticides or chemicals of any type. Even though the ...

  • AgBiome, Inc.

    based in Research Triangle Park, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

    AgBiome, Inc.

    Historically, advances in agriculture have come in great leaps with radical changes occuring in relatively short periods of time. AgBiome is leading the way in the next agricultural revolution with the most innovative use of the plant microbiome for ...

  • AgriProtein

    based in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA.


    AgriProtein has been developing its insect based protein feed, extruded oil, and fertilisers since 2009. Following five years of parallel academic and manufacturing research, AgriProtein has raised $11 million from strategic partners to ...

    Whole Dried Larvae Protein Feed Ingredients

    Whole Dried Larvae Protein Feed Ingredients

    Whole  Dried  Larvae  is  simply  de-hydrated  larvae that  are  supplied  in  bulk to  the  pet  food  industry and small organic ...


    based in CALIFORNIA (USA).


    UAV-IQ, which stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Intelligence, helps growers easily and profitably adopt some of the most advanced agricultural technology. We are an AgriTech company that leverages deep experience in large-scale drone operations and ...

    UAV - Pop up Canopy Tent

    UAV - Pop up Canopy Tent

    As drone pilots, we often work in sunny and hot conditions. It is essential to protect yourself from the sun, but also to keep your equipment (drone, batteries, sensors, beneficial insects...) in the ...

  • e-nema Gesellschaft für Biotechnologie und biologischen Pflanzenschutz mbH

    based in Schwentinental, GERMANY.

    e-nema Gesellschaft für Biotechnologie und biologischen Pflanzenschutz mbH

    Since its foundation, e-nema GmbH has its headquarters in the northern German town of Schwentinental, which is situated very close to the university city of Kiel. The young company began producing on a laboratory scale in the tiniest of spaces using ...

    Nemaplus - Biological Substance/ Mixture

    Nemaplus - Biological Substance/ Mixture

    nemaplus contains infective juveniles of the insect pathogenic nematode Steinernema feltia for biological control of glasshouse ...

  • RapidAIM

    based in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA.


    We have developed world-first IoT sensor technology that detects unique behaviours of insects. Just like a fingerprint can unlock your phone, an insect can ?unlock? a RapidAIM sensor. The location of the insect is then logged in real-time! Pest ...

  • PT. Sainindo Kurniasejati

    based in INDONESIA.

    PT. Sainindo Kurniasejati

    PT. Sainindo Kurniasejati is the only company in Indonesia which produce agricultural insect pest trap. Our products include Multi Light Insect Trap, Octagonal Insect Sticky Trap.This Multi Trap is an effective solution for insect control in crop ...

  • Tiny Farms

    based in Oakland, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Tiny Farms

    Tiny Farms is pioneering the industrialized production of insects for use in food, animal feed and industry. Our team are experts in entomology, automatic data capture technologies and industrial design, advised by a twenty year veteran of ...

  • Certis UK

    based in Great Abington, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Certis UK

    Certis is a pioneer in the development of biological pesticides and has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of biopesticides. An established crop protection business with direct operations in key European markets. Certis ...

  • Sanidad Agricola Econex, Ltd

    based in SISCAR-Santomera, SPAIN.

    Sanidad Agricola Econex, Ltd

    SANIDAD AGRICOLA ECONEX, LTD. is a Spanish company that was the brainchild of its founder Francisco Martinez Campillo in September 1985. It was established in January 1986 as an individual firm until 2000 when it assumed its current status as a ...

    Crosstrap - Model TA156 - Wet Collection Cup

    Crosstrap - Model TA156 - Wet Collection Cup

    Collection cup for wet catches, located at the bottom of CROSSTRAP traps. The wet collection cup has approximately a 2-litre capacity (12,5 cm diameter x 19 cm height) and is provided with drainage in the upper section to prevent it from filling ...

  • Organic Plant Feed Fertilizer

    based in SINGAPORE.

    Organic Plant Feed Fertilizer

    Organic Plant Feed Fertilizer is a 100% organic fertilizer. When using Organic Plant Feed Fertilizer you will not need any Pesticide as it is both a fertiliser and an insect repellent. Organic Plant Feed Fertilizer also rejuvenate the land over ...

  • BioLogic Company, Inc.

    based in Willow Hill, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

    BioLogic Company, Inc.

    Producing safe, all natural pest control products since 1985. We specialize in organic biocontrols, primarily beneficial nematodes. Our products are all natural and safe for people, pets and plants. We are nematode experts, and have been producing ...

    BioLogic - Scanmask Topdressing

    BioLogic - Scanmask Topdressing

    Scanmask treats the widest variety of pest insects and is our recommended product when treating for multiple pests and as a preventative treatment. Our Scanmask Topdressing can be spread by hand on the lawn or garden. This formulation provides ...

  • CropLife America

    based in Washington, DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (USA).

    CropLife America

    Advancements made in agriculture provide numerous benefits that impact people around the world, and innovations in crop protection products and equipment enable farmers to feed more people on less land. The United Nations estimates that one in eight ...

  • CLF Plant Climatics GmbH

    based in Wertingen, GERMANY.

    CLF Plant Climatics GmbH

    For over 20 years CLF Plant Climatics focuses on plant biology instrumentation and plant growth environments. We supply plant growth and entomology chambers to all leading research institutes in Europe. Our own product ranges CLF GroBanks and CLF ...

    CLF - Drosophila Chambers

    CLF - Drosophila Chambers

    Percival Scientific's cutting edge technology is at the core of our commitment to delivering the best products on the market today. This commitment is clear with the Percival DR-36 Series which is dedicated to offer the best features for Drosophila ...

  • Protix

    based in Dongen, NETHERLANDS.


    Protix produces, processes and supplies high-quality insect products. By facilitating nature’s most formidable force, we will be part of the solution to the protein crisis. Protix employees are like ants, they are strong and collaboratively create ...

    Insect Based Nutrients Feed Ingredients

    Insect Based Nutrients Feed Ingredients

    Insects are nature’s most nutritional source of nutrients for nearly all animals. At Protix we’ve developed a wide range of products for application in various markets and are currently producing them at large scale in our new state of ...

  • Central Life Sciences

    based in Council Bluffs, IOWA (USA).

    Central Life Sciences

    Central Life Sciences manufactures and markets leading consumer brands in the equine, companion animal care and veterinary markets. For insect control remedies recommended by a professional, we manufacture products used to effectively control ...

    Fly Control for Production Livestock

    Fly Control for Production Livestock

    Nuisance flies can be pervasive and costly to both confined and pasture cattle in North America. Horn flies alone cost North American cattle producers over $1 billion each year. Add face flies, stable flies and even house flies to the mix and you've ...

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