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  • National Animal Disease Center - 4.7 MW CHP System - Case Study

    National Animal Disease Center - 4.7 MW CHP System - Case Study

    Quick Facts LOCATION: Ames, Iowa FACILITY SIZE: Over One Million Square Feet CHP GENERATING CAPACITY: 4.7 Megawatts PRIME MOVERS: 1.2 MW Solar Saturn 20™ Combustion Turbine (CT-1), 3.5 MW Solar Centaur 40™ Combustion Turbine (CT-2) HEAT RECOVERY RATE: CT-1: 8,300 lb/hr Steam Unfired; 29,000 lb/hr Steam with Duct Firing CT-2: 23,500 lbs/hr U

  • Animal Husbandry2019

    Animal Husbandry2019

     RFID product has been prevalent in animal husbandry for RFID animal tracking such as rfid cattle tracking and quantity management. STAR TREND provides the RFID animal ear tags ...


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  • Animal Incinerator

    Animal Incinerator

    I8-140A model is a high performance, large scale incinerator. This model is a controlled air incinerator, providing optimal combustion conditions for different waste types. The top loading design gives you liquid retention making this incinerator ideal for reliable incineration of many of your different waste types. This unit benefits from a secondary chamber with afterburner for the re-burn of ...