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Livestock Cooling equipment for Livestock

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    HPC-Flex - Cooling System for Livestock Climate

    The HPC–Flex (High Pressure Cooling) system is a multi-functional system for cooling, humidifying, soaking, disinfection, and medication in buildings for any type of livestock production facilities. A correctly dimensioned cooling system will be able to remarkably reduce the temperature in a house for livestock production. On a dry, hot ...

    By DACS A/S based in Nørre Snede, DENMARK. from Heating & Cooling etc. Product line

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    CoronaD - Poultry House Air Inlet - Poultry Farm Ventilation Systems

    The CoronaD air inlet from DACS meets the challenges of modern poultry production facilities by ensuring a perfect in-house climate no matter time of year. The mixing percentage between incoming air and room air is automatically changed to maintain the optimum temperature and speed on the air entering the poultry house. The constant distribution ...

    By DACS A/S based in Nørre Snede, DENMARK. from Ventilation Product line

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    DACS - Model ACS2 - Advanced Climate Control System

    Advanced climate control features in the ACS2 optimize the climate control process in the building. The software in the ACS2 determines the “dehumidification potential” and automatically stops the dehumidification process if useless.

    By DACS A/S based in Nørre Snede, DENMARK. from Controllers/Electronics Product line

  • Tunnel Inlet Doors

    High temperature causes heat stress which has a negative effect on poultry and other livestock productivity. This negative effect can be minimized by an evaporative cooling system.

    By AgroMax based in Wijchen, NETHERLANDS. from Poultry Layers Product line

  • Model F5 - Circulation Fans

    Schaefer F5™ livestock fan is a high velocity circulation fan designed to provide the ideal environment for maximum show animal comfort and hair growth. Built to withstand the impact of show travel, the F5 comes with dependable, long lasting motor and guards for extreme durability.

    By Schaefer Ventilation Equipment based in Sauk Rapids, MINNESOTA (USA). from Portable Circulation Fans Product line

  • Tecno Poultry - Pad Poultry Cooling System

    Cellulose panels with high absorbency and evaporation efficiency. The panels can be installed against the wall or on the outside of the tunnel/non-wind hood structure. By means of windows installed in the bottom, this structure allows adjustment of summer and winter ventilation.

    By Tecno Poultry Equipment Spa based in Ronchi di Villafranca Padovana, ITALY. from Poultry Climate Control Product line

  • Model 1270 (50 - Ventilation Fan

    ALFAN produces the following types of high capacity fans: 560 (22’’), 660 (26’’), 760 (30’’), and 1270 (50’’). Beside the fans, shutters and blades are also produced due to request of customer. Fan shutters can easily be assembled and disassembled. Therefore the shutters are mobie and it is ...

    By Altuntas A.S. based in Aksaray, TURKEY. from Ventilation Fans Product line

  • Model MgCl2 - Magnesium Chloride

    Molecular Weight - 203.3. Bulk Density - 12lb/ft3. Appearance - A colorless deliquescent, odorless material crystal or flakes. Main Uses - Numerous uses in many different industries. Assay - 99.0 - 107.0%. Alkalinity - (as Ca(OH)2): % ≤ 0.25. Solubility - water 54.2 g/100 cm3 (20ºC). Heavy Metals - 10ppm

    By Fritz Industries, Inc. based in Mesquite, TEXAS (USA). from Agriculture Product line

  • Dynamic Mister

    Dynamic Mister is a mini mist generator, the design of which is based on the same principles as the Vibro Spreader, i.e. with a center pin vibrating in the middle of the nozzle. It generates a uniform circular pattern, which in the upside down hanging mode (see right picture, including an anti-leak device and stabilizer weight) creates a 'droplet ...

    By Rain-Tal Ltd. based in Kibbutz Barkai, ISRAEL. from Surface Irrigation Product line

  • Poultry Ventilation System

    The purpose of the ventilation system is to discharge the waste gas and get fresh air into the poultry house. On the one hand, it makes sure that there is enough oxygen inside the poultry house, and emits waste gases such as carbon dioxide. On the other, it also helps to cool down the temperature inside the house. In addition, the ventilation ...


    Cellulose Paper Pad.Apart from manufacturing the fans for various applications. Enviro tech markets the cell deck cooling pad, made by various companies in india and abroad and is well established withrespect to poultry, horticulture (green house) and industrial applications.the evaporative cooling pad (ecp) made of cell deck cooling pad paper is ...

    By Enviro Tech Industrial Products based in Delhi, INDIA.

  • American Coolair - Model MCF - High Volume Heavy Duty Mobile Air Circulator Fan

    High volume, heavy duty mobile air circulator for cooling factories, warehouses, garages, loading docks, processing lines or any other hot, inaccessible areas where people must work. The Coolair mobile air circulator can be rolled to wherever it is needed on four heavy duty casters.

    By American Coolair Corporation based in Jacksonville, FLORIDA (USA). from Poultry Ventilation Product line

  • Livestock Misting System / Farms

    THE PROBLEM: A high temperature directly affects animal growth. The stress the animals face because of heat and high humidity reduces the performance of animals, reduces the activity reinforces the occurrence of health problems and sometimes even brings death. In periods of dry climate, low humidity causes the generation of dust. An environment ...

    By coolmerchant greece based in Kalamata City, GREECE.

  • Kunyu - External Light Shading Mesh

    Utilizing knitted PAESCB mesh. Utilizing multiple latches through knitting method, resist embrittlement, high-tension force, erosion resistance, tearing resistance, very durable. The row gear mechanical transmission has stable performance, n eat and tight. May be controlled based on light and time settings.

    By Kunyu Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd. based in Liaojia Hsiung, TAIWAN.

  • Galvanized Steel Panel Fans

    Schaefer's galvanized steel panel fans combine low cost, high airflow and high air speeds for very high ROI livestock cooling. These fans are designed for agricultural livestock buildings requiring large volumes and velocities of air with a belt driven preference. Regardless of application, free stall barns, feed lines or holding pens, Schaefer ...

    By Schaefer Ventilation Equipment based in Sauk Rapids, MINNESOTA (USA). from Panel Fans Product line

  • MP Powertank - Model MPP 1000-14000lt MPPO 10000-20000lt - Closed Type Milk Cooling Tanks

    The MP Powertank milk cooling tank series is the leading solution for milk cooling in medium and large livestock and dairy units. They are horizontal type stainless steel tanks with access manholes and automated systems for washing and disinfection after every emptying. MP Powertank tanks are available in 16 capacities, round type from 1,000lt to ...

    By Milkplan SA based in Kolchiko,, GREECE. from Milk Cooling Product line

  • Ulma - Extractor Fan

    The extractor fans allow forcing the ventilation inside greenhouses when the natural ventilation using roof and/or perimeter vents, does not allow reaching the desired rate of air renewal, which is an innate need for producing crops as well as livestock farms. They are often used in combination with evaporative cooling panels or water misting ...

    By Ulma Agrícola based in Oñati (Gipuzkoa), SPAIN. from Greenhouse Equipment Product line

  • Model J-15 - Spiral Pre-cooler

    It is the main equipment for large and medium-sized slaughter house, which is used to cool the carcass of poultry after killing and evisceration. It is low power-wasting, double layer thermal and sound insulation, water temperature self-control and water supply self-control

    By Qingdao Qixincheng Machinery Co., Ltd based in Qingdao City, CHINA.

  • Abbi-Aerotech Aerocool - Poultry Farm Cooling Systems

    When a tunnel ventilation system is in place, it is relatively easy to add a cooling system. For this purpose so-called pads are used. Water is pumped across these pads and fans draw air through them. The resulting airflow makes the water evaporate and cools down the hot air. This cooler air is then drawn through the building. Depending on outside ...

    By Abbi-Aerotech B.V. based in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, NETHERLANDS. from Poultry Farms Ventilation and Cooling Systems Product line

  • Qingdao - Model QE-BA01 - High Quality Chicken Slaughter Hanging Hooks Butcher Machine

    QE-BA01 High Quality Chicken slaughter equipment Hanging Hooks butcher machine of Poultry abattoir equipment.

    By Qingdao Empire Machinery Co., LTD based in Jiaozhou Qingdao City, CHINA. from Poultry Slaughterhouse Equipment Product line

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