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    Warm Water Radiators for Poultry and Pig Houses Brochure

    Water carried heating The DACS all steel, galvanized-radiator produces plenty of dry, hot air without any risk of sparks flowing. The heating surface and the assembly rack on the radiator are fully hot dipped galvanized and thus protected against the aggressive environment in a poultry ...

    By DACS A/S

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    Stop It - Riser Rehabilitation Kit - Brochure

    The Stop It Riser Rehabilitation Kit has been developed in cooperation with leading gas companies to provide a cost effective composite coating that will enhance the structural integrity of anodeless risers. The STOP IT Riser Rehabilitation Kit is intended to strengthen the structural integrity of the riser nipple, or riser casing on non-leaking 3/4” and 1” standard anodeless risers. ...

    By InduMar Products, Inc.

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    Cyclone - Model ULV - Electric Cold Fogger - Brochure

    A precision ULV electric cold fogger that dispenses both water and oil based solutions accurately and efficiently. There's no guesswork when using the Cyclone ULV cold fogger. It can apply both water and oil based solutions accurately and efficiently. The Cyclones' ultra-precision metering valve assures particle size less than 20 microns regardless of flow rate and viscosity of the solution. This ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

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    Tornado - Model ULV - Electric Cold Fogger - Brochure

    A multi-range electric cold fogger that dispenses both water and oil based solutions in heavy mists or in ULV particle sizes. ith a variable rate, precision control metering valve, a 3 gallon formulation tank and a 2-stage blower, the Tornado is one of the most versatile electric cold fog machines available. The Tornado applies both water and oil based solutions accurately and efficiently indoors ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

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    Garden of the Gods – Colorado Springs, Colorado

    03/05/2007 03:25 PMProject Profiles - Record DetailPage 1 of 2http://…w&-op=eq&product=Gravelpave2&-lop=or&-max=20&-recid=32794&-find=Garden of the Gods – Colorado Springs, ColoradoClick on an image below toenlarge the viewPrior to installation, horseswould rut the trail and rainwould erode away the soilcausing large, ...

    By Invisible Structures, Inc.

  • Canarm - Drinkers - Brochure

    Available in stainless steel or galvanized. Keeps fresh, clean water accessible to pigs at all times. Piglet drinkers available as nipple drinkers or water cups. Nipple drinker dispenses a controlled amount of water which prevents water waste and excess water from pooling on the floor where piglets could lay in it and become sick. Drinkers reduce wasted water and keeps pigs environment ...

    By Canarm AgSystems

  • Automatic Screen Filter Brochure

    Primary filtration to remove organic and inorganic materials from agricultural water ...

    By Eurodrip U.S.A., Inc

  • Cascade - Water that Works - Brochure

    WATER. Easily one of the most vital components in poultry processing. And likely the most critical variable in the bottom line profitability - and even viability - of a processing plant. Poultry processors today are often faced with the need to reduce consumption of fresh water as well as to decrease the plant’s wastewater discharge to satisfy increasingly tough federal, state and local ...

    By Zentox Corporation

  • Model MSV-WN - Safety Valve for Water Heaters Brochure

    Diaphragm safety valve, connection size 1/2" to 1 1/4". For water heating systems. Acc. DIN 4753, DIN 1988 and TRD 721. Body of red bronze. Inlet female threaded type G ISO 228-1. Set pressure 6, 8 and 10 bar. Max. temperature up to +120°C. TÜV-approved, ...

  • Nipple Drinking Systems for Broilers - Brochure

    Plasson provides a wide range of nipple drinker systems for broilers which allow you to choose the nipple and flow rate tailored to your poultry needs. The overall quality, reliability and superior service guarantees you optimum performance for best ...

    By Plasson

  • Pressure Pro - Watering System Brochure

    Pressure Pro is an easy and straightforward management tool to help poultry producers maintain dry, friable litter conditions while simultaneously reducing labor costs. Pressure Pro allows producers to adjust the pressure in all water lines in a poultry house at the same time, rather than attending to each regulator manually, one at a time. This gives producers several important ...

    By Ziggity Systems, Inc.

  • Lubing - Caged Pullet / Layers Nipple Watering Systems Brochure

    Lubing's nipple watering systems for Rearing Layer Pullets are essential for achieving optimum bird growth. The unique design of Lubing nipples offers the precise movement of the triggering pin that is critical during the first stages of a chick's life. The soft 360° triggering of young birds allows smaller volumes of water to be delivered while the more aggressive triggering of older ...

    By LUBING Systems, L.P.

  • Pompstart - Model GSM - Water Tank Automatic Filling Systems Brochure

    Pompstart, over gsm water tank automatic filling systems. It communicates between water pump & water pump connecting station & water tank. That communicates wirelessly in an unlimited distance, it makes these controls by communicating over gsm and free of charge. Gsm water tank control ...

    By DelcomRF Inc.

  • Model T-2000S - Wireless RF Water Tank Automatic Filling Systems Brochure

    With the Control Automation Systems that Works up to 10 km., between Pump Tank Control and Transceiver with Radio Frequency, you can get rid of the products that are able to work in only short distances. By having a Professional T-2000 system, you can use your Wireless Well Tank control system for years ...

    By DelcomRF Inc.

  • Bush Hog - Model HDSS1S and HDSS1L Series - Heavy Duty Subsoilers Brochure

    The new 3-point heavy duty subsoilers from Bush Hog are the right tool for you when breaking up a hardpan developed over years of heavy use. Compacted soil can hurt you in two ways: plant roots cannot penetrate into the lower levels of the soil to tap additional nutrients and, in wet conditions, the excess water cannot drain away…both effects weaken your plants and reduce your yields. The ...

    By Bush Hog

  • Esite2016 Megakone - Brochure

    As production spaces grow, the need for thermal power also tends to increase. A cattle farm uses plenty of hot water, and little piggies can not survive without heating, ...

    By MegaKone Oy

  • Model GFRPP - Fittings for PEAD Pipes Brochure

    Water mains and distribution systems, irrigation conduits, agricultural installations, livestock installations, cold water conduits in the following industries: construction, food and drink, chemical, shipbuilding and mining, domestic water intakes, gardening, ...

    By Adequa-Uralita

  • Water Troughs Brochure

    As any other animal, a dairy cow needs food and water in order to produce milk. While the more affordable resource, water should receive the same amount of attention as any ration of feed. After all, milk consists of 87% water! To produce 1 liter of milk, cows need 3 liters of water, or up to 4 liters in the summer time. This is equal to a volume of 80 to 170 liters per cow a day. If their water ...

    By Arntjen Germany GmbH

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