Manure Digestion Downloads

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    TenCate Nicolon - Liners & Floating Covers for Manure Storage - Brochure

    TenCate Industrial Fabrics is specialist in the production of reinforced membranes, developed for the storage of manure and for the storage of effluent from biogas digesters. TenCate Nicolon C119/800 is a reliable membrane that is known in the agricultural market for more than 20 years and designed to meet tomorrow’s ...

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    Manure Treatment Flyer

    Colsen has developed a cost effective and sustainable methodology for treatment of manure originating from intensive farming. This manure treatment consists of a combination of technologies, such as thermophilic digestion equipped with DIGESTMIX®, ammonia stripping using AMFER®, phosphate production using ANPHOS® and post-treatment of the liquid fraction using a NAS® ...

    By Colsen International b.v.

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    Poul-AR® Valorization of poultry manure

    Colsen has developed a new technology to valorize poultry manure. Where until now poultry manure is considered a waste stream and a considerable cost, Poul-AR® now represents an important valorization step, by which the manure will generate nutrients and energy. This is directly associated with considerable operational benefits and thus represents this technology a large added value for the ...

    By Colsen International b.v.

  • Chicken Manure Fertilizer

    How to process chicken manure into fertilizer During the feeding process, chicken cannot digest and absorb the feed completely, which leads to about 40% – 70% nutrients expelled from body, therefore, fowl manure is the best type manure among poultry dung and livestock manure to use as fertilizer . Compared with horse, cow or steer manure, organic fertilizer made from chicken dung can ...

  • agriKomp - Agitators Brochure

    The agriKomp agitator technology for biogas plants was developed by us especially for substrates with a high fibre content, which results from the feeding of solid manure, grass and silage. The four tilted paddles cause differing directions of flow, through which the coarse fibred material is mixed to an optimum in the digester. This is important for an optimum gas yield and for the avoidance of ...

    By agriKomp GmbH

  • Farmer Automatic - Drying System - Brochure

    The Farmer Automatic Drying System is a flexible tray dryer specially-developed for evaporation drying of liquid manure, digestates from biogas plants and further regenerative sources of energy. The resulting biomass can be easily stored, transported and also used as a natural fertilizer suitable for ...

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