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  • A variety of organic fertilizer fermentation turners are available

    Organic manure compost fermentation is the first step in the fertilizer manufacturing process of manure straw. Through the powerful stirring function, the fermenting compost turning machine can mix the fermentation raw materials well, and keep turning the stirring to let the raw materials and the air come into contact with each other, wh


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  • Heavy Duty Compost Turner

    Heavy Duty Compost Turner

    Whirlston heavy-duty hydraulic compost windrow turner covers wide ranges of turning capacities from 1600-3600m3/h. Our large capacity compost turner 40 series and 50 series are ideally suitable to turning soil or other materials in the fertilizer fermentation, gardening, landscaping as well as the maintenance of municipal parks.It features straddling on a windrow and starting turners drive ...