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Manure Management Companies (Livestock)

  • Nutrient Platform

    based in Den Haag, NETHERLANDS.

    Nutrient Platform

    Life on earth depends on nutrients. Phosphorus is an essential component of fertilizers and crucial for the world’s food supply system. Since there is no alternative for phosphorus, we urgently need to recover it from our ‘waste’ streams, recycle it ...

  • Vertical Till Injector LLC (VTI)

    based in Washington, INDIANA (USA).

    Vertical Till Injector LLC (VTI)

    Vertical Till Injector LLC is more than just a manure injection equipment company. We are the relationships that we have built over the years and the name that we have created in the farming community. We are committed to manufacturing equipment ...

    VTI - Manure Injection Systems

    VTI - Manure Injection Systems

    We manufacture complete manure injection systems that are 100% tailored to our clients needs. We pride ourselves on being second to none, and on paying an extremely high attention to detail. If you can dream it, we can build ...

  • Don Dairy Supply Inc.

    Don`s Dairy Supply, Inc. aims to provide our customers with everything you need at your farm to be the most successful operation as possible. We have three route delivery trucks that cover large territories all over Upstate NY and Northern PA. Our ...

  • J&D Farmers Dairy Service

    based in Abbotsford, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

    J&D Farmers Dairy Service

    Since 1969 J&D has been serving the BC dairy industry. Today we are proud to offer the best products for todays dairy farms. We offer our customers full solutions in Milking Solutions, Barn Equipment, Manure systems, Dairy supplies, and offering ...

  • Agribrink

    based in Moorefield, ONTARIO (CANADA).


    Do you want to maximize yield potential in your fields? Heavy equipment can compact soil and damage soil structure which lowers yields and increases your financial disadvantage in a competitive marketplace. But also, when soil compaction occurs you ...

  • Abbey Machinery Ltd.

    based in Nenagh, IRELAND.

    Abbey Machinery Ltd.

    Abbey Machinery was established by the Cavanagh family in 1947, a family which has a long heritage and tradition in agricultural engineering dating back to the 19th Century. Abbey Machinery is one of Ireland’s largest and most respected ...

    Flail Side Manure Spreaders

    Flail Side Manure Spreaders

    Abbey Machinery manufacture the most complete range of side spreaders on the market today with sizes ranging from 4 cubic yards to 15.5 cubic yards.  The Abbey side spreader is one of the leading side spreaders available with the ...

  • Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing CO.,LTD

    based in Xiping Section, CHINA.

    Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing CO.,LTD

    Since its foundation, it established strategic cooperation relationship with well-known, innovative manufacturers in the country to provide a variety of high quality products to customers home and abroad; It has a vast inventory which will aid you ...

    Livi - Model A Type - Layer Chicken Battery Cage System

    Livi - Model A Type - Layer Chicken Battery Cage System

     A type layer chicken battery cage system has the feature of simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, high option of the automatic equipment, lower input costs and reap fast, customer could choose the chicken cage only, cage with semi ...

  • Gures Technology

    based in Saruhanlı, TURKEY.

    Gures Technology

    Fully automated H type battery cages manufactured at our Güres Tavukçuluk Teknolojisi Plant. Our layer and chick rearing cages which were increased up to 8 tiers and more for the first time in domestic production are on sale in the national and ...

  • Zhengzhou Jinhui Agricultural S & T Co., Ltd.

    based in Henan Province, CHINA.

    Zhengzhou Jinhui Agricultural S & T Co., Ltd.

    Henan Danong Agricultural S&T Co., Ltd. Agricultural S&T Co., Ltd. is located in the Central Plains, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. Our company is a combination of R&D, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. We are specialized in ...

    HK-Danong - Manure Scraper Machine

    HK-Danong - Manure Scraper Machine

    The chicken manure clean machine is mainly used for a variety of sheds and other farming manure cleaning such as the chicken, duck, goat, rabbit and so on. It greatly reduces the labor intensity and maintains good indoor air environment, then ...

  • Bauer Technics a.s.

    based in Stádlec, CZECH REPUBLIC.

    Bauer Technics a.s.

    BAUER TECHNICS is the worldwide leader in the design and implementation of turnkey farms. For successful development of the company we use the latest technologies in this field and we have a team of experienced and professional experts in various ...

    Technologies for Poultry

    Technologies for Poultry

    The requirements for poultry farms and creating optimal conditions have fundamentally changed in the past couple of years. Without new technologies and modern approaches you cannot guarantee the high efficiency of farms. Therefore, the company BAUER ...

  • Teamco

    based in Warwick, QUEBEC (CANADA).


    The company was founded in 1978 by M. Camille Côté. Early on, the company was specialized in fabricating underground compressed air manure push systems, a system that M. Côté had designed himself in 1976. Through the years, the company developed and ...

    Flex-Mix - Liquid Manure Spreaders

    Flex-Mix - Liquid Manure Spreaders

    About 75% of the power is required by the impeller. The tractor’s hp is transmitted directly to the impeller without going through gears. Requiring less power, the shredding screw is driven by the gear box. With this system, manure is shredded ...

  • Nuvac Eco-Science Inc

    based in Valcourt, QUEBEC (CANADA).

    Nuvac Eco-Science Inc

    Nuvac Eco-Science inc backed up by expertise of more than 17 years, has been working with several universities and colleges in order to certify their products’ performance. Nuvac Eco-Science inc. specializes in developing products based on bacteria ...

    AgriLag - Bacterial Strains

    AgriLag - Bacterial Strains

    AgriLag is a product composed of different bacterial strains that aerobically biodegrade organic matter. Available sizes: 10kg, ...

  • DJAgros Vermicompost manufacturers and suppliers

    Nutrient rich PURE vermicompost. Good quality, high grade manure. Continuous supply of bulk quantities possible. Excellent soil conditioner. Made using cowdung and organic waste. Eco-friendly product and eco-friednly process. Free samples available ...

  • Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario (EFAO)

    based in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario (EFAO)

    The Ecological Farmers of Ontario has been committed to ecological and organic farming since 1979. Established to promote the advancement and understanding of ecological agricultural methods, we’re run by farmers, for farmers. We focus on ...

  • Soiltest Farm Consultants, Inc.

    based in Moses Lake, WASHINGTON (USA).

    Soiltest Farm Consultants, Inc.

    Our goal at Soiltest is to hire qualified people, give them modern, efficient equipment, and provide the necessary training to produce accurate and precise analytical results.  At the same time, we will produce the results as rapidly as possible and ...

  • OJB-Industries Inc

    based in Lucan, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    OJB-Industries Inc

    OJB-industries is a company that is specialized in innovative equipment for the modern dairy industry needs. We have a standard program but we will also develop custom engineered products. Everything we make is engineered, produced and tested at our ...

    Manure Spreaders

    Manure Spreaders

    OJB manure spreaders are designed, tested and fine-tuned on our own farm. They are designed to handle a super wide range of solid to semi-solid manure types. With an OJB spreader you can spread cattle manure, cow pack, poultry manure, compost and ...

  • Frans Vervaet B.V.

    based in Biervliet, NETHERLANDS.

    Frans Vervaet B.V.

    Producing quality is the Nr. 1 priority of Frans Vervaet B.V. You can tell when you have close look at the Vervaet products. Started in 1974 in Biervliet, Netherlands, The Vervaet family developed the first self-propelled tanker beet machine. ...

  • Harsh International,Inc

    based in Eaton, COLORADO (USA).

    Harsh International,Inc

    Harsh International, Inc. manufactures truck hydraulics and tipping gears for customers around the globe. It offers feedlot and dairy mixers, agriculture spreaders, and mobile mixers; and hydraulic and trailer mount hoists, including single cylinder ...

  • BluePlanet Labs

    based in Englewood Cliffs, NEW JERSEY (USA).

    BluePlanet Labs

    BluePlanet is a biotechnology company developing and producing bacterial formulations that enhance the recycling process of nutrients and waste for applications in agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater treatment and environmental remediation.We are ...

    Manure Management Services

    Manure Management Services


  • GEA Farm Technologies

    based in Naperville, ILLINOIS (USA).

    GEA Farm Technologies

    In the field of farming, GEA is a globally leading solutions and systems provider for milk production and livestock farming. We offer integrated product and application solutions, which today`s producers require. From design and planning of barn- ...

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