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  • Huxley hutterite brethren colony case study

    A. Farm Description Barn Type: 80 stall free stall barn with saw dust on floor. Manure Handling: Barn houses 80 cows over 8 pits, each 7 feet deep and 12 feet wide. Manure is stored under the slatted floor for 6 months and then agitated and pumped out. B. The Problems: As the pits are pumped ammonia levels rise significantly resulting in problems for barn staff &nd


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  • Bio-Solid Injector

    Bio-Solid Injector

    The husky bio-solid injector  Enhances the public, regulatory  And agricultural acceptability of Biosolids, manure and viscous . Fertilizer land application by Avoiding offsite nuisance odours and run-off potential .