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  • Somatic Cell Counts Analyzer
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    Somatic Cell Counts Analyzer

    By Bentley Instruments, Inc.

    The Somacount FC delivers a rapid and accurate measurement of somatic cell counts (SCC) for early mastitis detection in dairy milk. This proven system is designed for reliability, ease of use and precision measurements. ...

  • Mastitis Detector
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    Mastitis Detector

    By BCA Grain and Feed Company Limited

    •portable and easy to use device that allows for the production of top quality milk,•innovative 4-cup design with a 4-quarter display,•helps to detect an early stage of illness without visible symptoms (Mastitis ...

  • Teat Sanicleanse system
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    Teat Sanicleanse system

    By Northern Dairy Equipment Ltd

    The award-winning product that is helping dairy farmers around the world improve the health of their herds, speed up milking times and improve stimulation of the cow. This advanced prep system means no other milking ...

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  • Ambic Equipment Limited

    Ambic Equipment Limited

    Founded in 1978 Ambic started out life as a contract plastic moulding operation and during the last thirty years it has built up significant ...

  • Milima

    Supply of pH meter, Moisture Meter, Agricultural Thermometer, Pregnancy Detector, Mastitis Detector, Estrous Detector, Twist Grain, Testing KITs for ...