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  • Use of quick diagnostic methods in milking

    Use of quick diagnostic methods in milking

    The objective of the present study was to evaluate the usefulness of bioluminescence measurement and analysis of swabs taken from the surfaces of the equipment for determination of the hygienic state of a milking machine when biofilm is present on the surfaces. In addition the measurement of electrical conductivity of milk as a tool to detect cows with subclinical mastitis was examined. In the ...

  • Agricultural Manure Drying Machine for Cows

    Manure drying machines are utilized in agricultural settings to remove moisture from wet manure. The drying process breaks down manure, kills bacteria and creates pathogen-free bedding. The drying ...


  • A new CRM for somatic cell count in milk: ERM-BD001

    A new CRM for somatic cell count in milk: ERM-BD001

    The JRC released ERM®-BD001, a set of two Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) certified for the concentration of somatic cells in milk.The materials shall be used for calibration and quality control in dairy laboratories operating methods ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Flexible Free Stall

    Flexible Free Stall

    When uncomfortable stalls cause cows to stand too long – it affects their natural behaviour cycle.  Once they finally dare to settle, they will then remain lying down for longer periods.  This then affects their feed and water intake, consuming less but in larger proportions with less overall dry matter consumption.  Ultimately milk production is negatively impacted.