Milk Cooling

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  • Bulk Milk Coolers
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    Bulk Milk Coolers


    We have all the resources that are required for bulk and customized production of top class bulk milk coolers. These coolers are used to improve the quality of milk by storing it and chilling it to 5oC at the collector ...

  • Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication
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    Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

    By Liscarroll Engineering

    Since its foundation in 1973, Liscarroll Engineering has been custom fabricating quality Stainless Steel products for many different industries. Specialisation in the production of top quality Stainless Steel products, ...

  • Dry Granular
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    Dry Granular

    By International Stock Foods, LLC.

    Heat is the enemy!! Keep your TMRs cool with Ration Guard. Ration Guard can keep TMRs cool for up to 24 hours. Cooler TMRs means more intake which means more milk, more beef! No fumes, no foul odor, makes Ration Guard ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • Don Dairy Supply Inc.

    Don`s Dairy Supply, Inc. aims to provide our customers with everything you need at your farm to be the most successful operation as possible. We have ...

  • Unitech International (Pvt) Ltd

    Unitech International (Pvt) Ltd

    Unitech is the Largest Manufacturer of S.S Farm Milk Cooling Tanks. We have over 75% Market Share in Pakistan & our Local Clientele includes Dairy ...

  • Serap Group

    Serap Group

    SERAP is a family business set up in 1963 in Mayenne, Europe`s leading dairy producing region. Its vocation: to become experts in (bulk) food-grade ...



    Since our inception in the year of 2000, we have grown significantly as one of the prestigious manufacturers and exporters of an assortment of ...

  • Margo, Ireneusz Tercjak

    Margo, Ireneusz Tercjak

    Margo company was founded in 1997. Initially the main activity profile was the sale of used milk coolers after its renovation. Both growing demand ...