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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Top 4 Methods of Milk Pasteurization

    We all know the health benefits of milk; it was practically instilled in us since when we were young. But did you ever consider the dangers milk could pose if it wasn’t properly processed? Dairy farmers all around the world make it possible for milk to be abundant, fresh, available and safe for consumption. In order to ensure public health, milk must be pasteurized before it’s stocked ...

  • Food Transport Trucks

    Food Transport Truck is mostly designed for food reselling or different kinds of food material transportation, which including Mobile Food Truck/Trailer, Refrigerated Truck/Trailer, Milk Tank ...


  • Verder Group new owner of Fullwood Packo Group

    Verder Group new owner of Fullwood Packo Group

    The Verder Group, a Dutch family-owned business specialising in the manufacture and distribution of industrial products, acquired in its entirety the 230 year old UK based Fullwood Packo Group, experts in milking machines, milk cooling and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Milk Cooling Tank

    Milk Cooling Tank

    The Mueller O tank combines a fast cooling process with low energy use. This is achieved by its oval shape, allowing the efficient cooling of the milk. A large evaporation surface and perfect insulation result in low power consumption. The Mueller O tank offers a great ease of operation. The 100% stainless steel cleaning pump and control box have been mounted to the front of the bulk milk cooling ...

Upcoming Events

  • EuroTier - 2020

    EuroTier - 2020

    Exhibitors from all over the world to present their innovations for cattle, pig and poultry farming as well as in the fields of aquaculture, sheep and goat rearing and livery yards. In addition to the latest innovations, visitors will also find a wide range of special side events – our Technical Programme that provides plenty of opportunities to learn and share information at expert level. ...