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  • Acoustic Water Leak Detection Kit

    Acoustic Water Leak Detection Kit

    The AquaScope 550 is the world’s first and only acoustic leak detector to have `frequency shifting` to assist in the pinpointing of low frequency leaks found in PVC and large diameter pipes. Furthermore, the AquaScope 550 possesses impressive amplification capabilities. The professional leak hunter will therefore find even difficult leaks that are undetectable with other equipment. With a ...

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  • Discover the Latest on Fluence`s MABR

    Discover the Latest on Fluence`s MABR

    Join us for an interactive session with some of Fluence`s most prominent experts to discuss MABR technology and its latest development. The panel will present Fluence`s revolutionary Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) technology, followed by an extensive round of Q&A where you will be able to ask questions and satisfy your curiosity about the wastewater technology of the 2020s.

AgriVoltaics 2020

Oct. 14rd - 16th | Perpignan.

Industry Days Budapest 2020

Oct. 19rd - 22th | Budapest

The Nutritionist 2020

Nov. 12rd - 12th | Online

Annapoorna - Anufood India

Feb. 3rd - 5th | Mumbai