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    CHEESE, MILK, WHEY AND FOOD PROTEINConcentrated milk proteins (MPCs) and isolated milk proteins (MPIs) are produced by ceramic membrane filtration system and their dairy proteins are separated from fresh skim milk. They combine rich calcium with good thermal stability and refreshing mouthfeel. They are rich in casein and whey protein in the same proportions as skim milk. Milk protein c

  • PeCOD® Analyzer Case Study: Dairy Industry

    PeCOD® Analyzer Case Study: Dairy Industry

    The peCOD method for chemical oxygen demand (COD) analysis is well suited to the dairy industry as the fast results obtained provide information important for process monitoring and control. The ...


  • Recommendations can change, thanks to new findings

    Recommendations can change, thanks to new findings

    Science informs the decisions farmers make in producing food and affects the food purchasing decisions made by consumers. Sometimes, long-held scientific recommendations change, and such a paradigm shift is afoot for fluid milk.Last week, a ...

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  • Ceramic Membranes

    Ceramic Membranes

    Bevatech ceramic membranes are designed for the filtration and treatment of beverages, like e.g: Filtration of wine and sparkling wine, filtration of milk and whey, filtration of beer, separation of yeast, separation of fats and natural oils.