Milk Filtration

Equipment & Solutions

  • 65 lb Long Handle Plastic Eco Bucket
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    65 lb Long Handle Plastic Eco Bucket

    By E-Zee Milking Equipment, LLC

    This product contains: 65 lb Plastic Eco bucket - Short handle. Replacement short handle for Eco bucket. Replacement long handle for Eco bucket.

  • Isotropic Milk Filters
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    Isotropic Milk Filters

    By Schwartz Manufacturing Company

    Designed strictly for gravity applications, with an emphasis on speed and capacity. The isotropic filter disc is a product of extensive research to help you increase quality milk production.

  • Milk Filters
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    Milk Filters

    By Madero Dairy Systems Inc.

    Our milk filters will provide the cleannes that your milk needs, since the retention of particles and debris is higher compared to other brands, making them highly effective and reliable, besides being really tough, ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Schwartz Manufacturing Company

    Schwartz Manufacturing Company

    Schwartz Manufacturing has been the trusted leader in milk filtration for over 60 years. We manufacture our own custom engineered fabrics to maintain ...