Milk Pasteurization

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Why are retailers throwing out perfectly good milk by the truckloads?

    Each year individuals in North America and Europe throw away an average of 95 to 115 kilograms (210 to 250 pounds) of food they think is either spoiled or rotten. Much of this food is tossed in the garbage because it’s past the expiration or “sell by” date. But what if those dates are inac


  • OPINION: Corporate land grabs threaten food security

    Proponents of the local food movement like to talk about keeping "food miles" to a minimum. Buying a New Zealand apple in New England is a big no-no. Imagine if instead of stores buying fruit from the South Pacific, the government was buying land in ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Large-Frame Calf Milk Pasteurizer

    Large-Frame Calf Milk Pasteurizer

    Recycles waste milk and completely eliminates milk replacer costs resulting in reduced feed costs. Low maintenance. Healthier Calves prevent the spread of disease along with a lower mortality rate lowering veterinary expenses. Custom engineering gives you the highest quality for the lowest cost.