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  • Milk Recovery Unit with UF
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    Milk Recovery Unit with UF

    By Intereco S.n.c.

    In this unit milk contained in rinse waters in a dairy is recovered. The two divided streams are water (permeate) which may be sent to the existing biological WWTP, discharged or recycled for special use and organism ...

  • Forage Inoculant
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    Forage Inoculant

    By Lallemand Inc.

    Biotal Supersile contains specifically selected, elite lactic acid bacteria to dominate ensiling fermentation and improve efficiency. pproved by the CFIA (CFIA Registration #980485)

  • Sanifood Farrowing Feeder
    Showcase Product

    Sanifood Farrowing Feeder

    By Tigsa

    The farrowing pulse feeder SANIFOOD reduces stress, helps in milk production and therefore strengthening recovery for the next pregnancy.

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  • G D & M Dunglinson

    G D & M Dunglinson

    G D & M Dunglinson, a Family Business, was established in 1959 by George Daniel and Marjorie Dunglinson. The company started out selling and ...