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Milk Testing equipment for Livestock

  • Milk-Lab - Compact Milk Analyser

    Milk-Lab Compact was developed in 2009 to perform on the spot, fast, cost free, raw milk testing. Designed for use in dairy farms, milk collection centers, milk collection trucks , small dairies, veterinary services. It is the smallest, automatic milk examiner ever built with high level of accuracy and repeatability that is inline with bench ...

    By Milk-Lab based in Oldham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model PV ll - Test Sampler

    The PV II sampler is developed to take quality samples of milk in milk trucks during the pumping of the milk at the milk supplier. The benefits of using the test sampler are: The test sampler is built into the pump system and therefore it is possible to take out a constant amount of milk at any time. The test sampler can only be installed on ...

    By Poul Tarp A/S based in Randers, DENMARK. from Milk Collection Product line

  • Poul-Tarp - Model SMW 4 - Test Sampler

    The SMV 4 sampler is developed to take quality samples of milk in milk trucks during the pumping of the milk at the milk supplier.

    By Poul Tarp A/S based in Randers, DENMARK. from Dairy - Milk Collection - Milk Sampling Product line

  • meizheng - Model JC0185 - Rapid Test Detecting Beta-lactams and Sulfonamides And Tetracyclines In Milk

    Intended UseSulfonamides+Tetracycline+Beta-lactam Rapid Test Kit is a lateral flow assay that determines a qualitative level for the presence of Sulfonamides+Tetracycline+Beta-lactam antibiotic residue in milk. This test is designed for rapid field use or daily control in laboratories.Scope of ApplicationRaw cow’s milk, Pasteurized milk and UHT ...

  • Tru-Test - Electronic Milk Meter (EMM) Calibration Rig

    During milking of each cow the Tru-Test EMM separates a known and accurate portion of the cow's milk and collects that small portion of milk in the flask. The Milk Meter then measures how much milk is held in the flask by measuring the height to which milk has collected in the flask. Each Milk Meter is programmed with a calibration curve, which is ...

    By Tru-Test Limited based in Auckland, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Tru-Test - Electronic Milk Meter (EMM) Mega Test Rig

    The Mega Test rig (MTR) is used to check and then calibrate the complete Milk Meter assembly. The proportion of milk getting into the flask (sample ratio) can vary very slightly from EMM to EMM. The MTR allows the calculation of a unique factor for each Milk Meter.

    By Tru-Test Limited based in Auckland, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Model 24/17/17 - Equalizer Calf Milk Replacers

    Grober Equalizer calf milk replacer has been formulated to strategically optimize steady growth of calves using quality plant proteins, and a balanced amino acid profile. Grober Equalizer has been field tested as an altnerative to an all milk protein milk replacer during times of increased feed costs.

    By Grober Nutrition USA based in Elba, NEW YORK (USA). from Calf Milk Replacers Product line

  • Sunshine Scientific Equipments - Model SSE - Milk Fat Tester

    Milk Fat TesterElectronic Milk fat tester manufactured at highly equipped plant with latest available technology as per NDDB specification instant read our amazing speed of 130150 test hrs easy operating cost measuring up to 13 fat with accurate results and repeatability. The electronic milk tester tests the milk by use of light scattering ...

    By Sunshine Scientific Equipments based in INDIA.

  • Sunshine Scientific Equipments - Model SSE - Ultrasonic Stirrer

    Ultrasonic StirrerFunctional requirement: To remove air from fresh milk before testing of Table top type, working on Ultrasonic principal, shock wave from probe to travel directly to Milk sample.

    By Sunshine Scientific Equipments based in INDIA.

  • WB Ezi-Test Milk Meter

    Meter head inlet and outlet area optimised to reduce vacuum restriction. Option of 50 kg (110 lb) or 33 kg (73 lb) large capacity flask. Cleans in place during wash cycle. Multiple bracket options. Low maintenance. ICAR approved. Samples for individual animals can be taken easily via the valve at the base of the flask. Stir first and then sample.

    By Tru-Test Limited based in Auckland, NEW ZEALAND.

  • SAC - Model IDC - Milking Control Unit

    SAC's new ICAR-certified milking control unit, the MDS Saccomatic IDC, is designed to create an easy workplace. The milker can concentrate on what counts, i.e. a good, constant milk flow, which helps him to get high-quality milk from healthy cows. MDS Saccomatic IDC is a milking control unit, which registers milking, and milk flow, gathers milking ...

    By SAC based in Kolding, DENMARK.

  • Pasteur - Model 2 - 2 Cartridges Pasteurize and Thaw Unit

    Pasteur 2 unit comes with sophisticated programming allowing you to run both pasteurizing and thawing cycles for two calf meals at a time. Just as small as the Thaw unit, it holds 22 gallons of water, is only 29” high and takes up only four sq ft. Simple electrical requirement: 240V single phase/30A.

    By Golden Calf Company based in Bloomer, WISCONSIN (USA). from Calf Hero Colostrum Management Product line

  • QuickCheck - Model TECH - Cryoscope Analyzer

    Reliable, affordable and versatile analytical tool for detecting extraneous water in milk at any point throughout the dairy supply chain.  Easy to use, accurate, cost-effective and analysis of milk, in compliance with internationally reviewed and recommended methods (AOAC, IDF 108:2002 & ISO 5764:2009) for payment purposes.  Robust ...

    By Page & Pedersen International, Ltd. based in Hopkinton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Cryoscopes Product line

  • QuickCheck - Model IV/GR - Cryoscope Analyzer

    Laboratory instrument for accurate precise testing of added water in milk Testing milk for extraneous water in accordance with internationally reviewed and recommended methods (AOAC, IDF 108:2002 & ISO 5764:2002), the QC-IV ensures that incoming milk is not adulterated with added water for payment purposes.  Also, the QC-IV provides a ...

    By Page & Pedersen International, Ltd. based in Hopkinton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Cryoscopes Product line

  • Tru-Test - Electronic Milk Meter

    Tru-Test Electronic Milk Meter is a patented, ICAR approved, portable device that will automatically record milk yield, automatically dispense a representative sample, read uniquely identified milk sample vials and communicate wirelessly with the Tru-Test Data Handler. The milk sample vials used with the Tru-Test Electronic Milk Meter can be ...

    By Tru-Test Limited based in Auckland, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Porta - Model BHB - Milk Ketone Test Kit

    For testing subclinical ketosis in freshly calved cows.  Use to test all freshly calved cows once a week for the first two weeks of lactation to identify 95% of subclinical cows.

    By Millwood Products based in Priston Bath, UNITED KINGDOM. from Milk Ketone Tests Product line

  • BERG - Model TMR - Total Mixed Ration Mixer

    Improve herd production, animal health and save precious time and effort with BERG Sandmark Mixers.  Continuous tumble action mixes quickly and thoroughly.  Total cleanout and no reversing to unload means less labor and maintenance.  Call your local dealer to see how cost-effective a BERG Sandmark mixer can be for your operation.

    By Berg Equipment Corporation based in Marshfield, WISCONSIN (USA). from Agriculture - Mixers Product line

  • Roto Grind - Grain Grinders

    Roto Grind Grain Grinders are now available with Hydraulic drive self loading augers. Adjust for how fine you want your grind, without sacrificing capacity. Tests show higher milk production when feeding fine ground corn over cracked or rolled corn. High Capacity - over 60 tons per hour. You can grind any grains either dry or high moisture. Two ...

    By Burrows Enterprises, Inc. based in Greeley, COLORADO (USA).

  • Dairy Milk Equipments

    We offer complete range of dairy equipment that are fabricated using high grade of raw materials which includes homogenizers, separators, UHT & HTST pasteurizers, motor control centre, cheese making equipment, electric butter churner, stainless steel tanks and other dairy equipment and dairy milking products.

    By Dairy Equipments based in Ahmedabad, INDIA.

  • Globulyser - Milk Homogenization Degree Tester

    Globulyser, the homogenization degree tester by Lactotronic. Milk contains fat in the form of relatively big globules initially so that a layer of fat would build up. In a homogenization process, the particle size is adjusted to the required level. The Globulyser is a routine analyzing instrument for measuring the size of fat-globules in milk ...

    By Bruker Optik GmbH based in Drachten, NETHERLANDS.

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