Milking Parlors

Equipment & Solutions

  • Stall Quick Frontal Exit
    Showcase Product

    Stall Quick Frontal Exit

    By Albouy Equipement

    ALBOUY Equipement proposes its Stall quick frontal exit for fitting out your old or new milking parlour.  The quick frontal exit stall is available with 12 to 32 places with a self-blocking individual head gate ...

  • Doubled Up Parlour
    Showcase Product

    Doubled Up Parlour

    By ATL Agricultural Technology Ltd

    The ATL Intro90 Doubled Up parlour provides the user with the ability to milk both sides at the same time. The doubled up parlour is the ideal solution for maximising space, minimising cow and operator walking distance, ...

  • Herringbone Milking Parlor
    Showcase Product

    Herringbone Milking Parlor

    By Agromilk Ltd.

    The Main Features of The Milking Parlor:. Galvanized or stainless steel. Pneumatic gate control. Optional rapid exit. Industrial vacuum pump with frequency regulator. Stainless steel milking claw. Electropulsators. ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Little Mountain Steel Fabrication

    Little Mountain Steel Fabrication

    In 2004, we set out to design and build our own small animal confinement systems. Our 15 years of experience in steel working and welding have helped ...

  • FarmMaven


    FarmMaven builds advanced, information technology-based products for the agriculture industry. The software/hardware engineering company is driven by ...

  • Reci Prof International bv

    Reci Prof International bv

    Our Dutch origin was created in 1972. It started as a one-man business by offering a small plastic product; the distributor. Meanwhile, we have more ...

  • Turner Inc.

    Turner Inc.

    Turner is a family-owned business that is as dedicated to the dairy industry and delivering a quality product as you are. For more than 35 years, we ...

  • Mototecha JSC

    Mototecha JSC

    A Lithuanian company `MOTOTECHA` has developed an economical and energy saving solution for dairy cattle, that expends time and energy walking from ...