Milking Parlors

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  • Roll-Up Crowd Gate
    Showcase Product

    Roll-Up Crowd Gate

    By Agromatic Inc

    Cost-effective alternative to pusher gates. Innovative, simple design (U.S. Patent No. 5392731). Available with manual or electric drive. Easily installed in any facility up to 31’ wide and 100’ long. No ...

  • Rotary Milking Parlours
    Showcase Product

    Rotary Milking Parlours

    By Fullwood Ltd

    We design and manufacture the Fullwood Rotary Abreast – an external rotary parlour. The first Fullwood rotary was launched in 1969 and revolutionised milking for farmers not just in Britain but throughout the ...

  • Milking Parlours
    Showcase Product

    Milking Parlours

    By Van der Ploeg International BV

    Excellent, well regulated milking equipment is very important to achieve high quality milk and good udder health. Therefore Van der Ploeg International developed its own milking parlours named: ...

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  • Mototecha JSC

    Mototecha JSC

    A Lithuanian company `MOTOTECHA` has developed an economical and energy saving solution for dairy cattle, that expends time and energy walking from ...

  • BECO Dairy Automation Inc.

    BECO Dairy Automation Inc.

    Dairy Automation. BECO designs and manufactures high capacity, reliable, and upgradeable dairy automation systems for the demanding needs of high ...

  • Turner Inc.

    Turner Inc.

    Turner is a family-owned business that is as dedicated to the dairy industry and delivering a quality product as you are. For more than 35 years, we ...

  • SAC


    Founded in 1938, A/S S.A.Christensen & CO. is today one of the leading companies in Europe specialising in the production of milking parlours and ...

  • Afimilk Ltd

    Afimilk Ltd

    Afimilk is the global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced computerized systems for the modern dairy farm and for herd ...