Milking Parlors

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Florida Dairy Succeeds With AD System

    North Florida dairy with 6,100 mature cows and 5,500 replacements installed anaerobic digestion system that is yielding multiple benefits.Dairy farming in Florida has financial and logistical challenges, including hot, humid summers; high electrical costs; access to fresh water; odor; greenhouse emissions and sandy soil issues. Alliance Dairies in Trenton, Florida has found sustainable wa

  • Dairy Digester Opens Doors On Maryland Farm

    Kilby Inc., a 600-cow dairy operation located in Colora, Maryland, has the only operational commercial anaerobic digestion (AD) system in the state. In 2009, Kilby Inc. (the dairy farm and milk ...


  • Warm your engines – AfiFarm 5.2 is almost here!

    Afimilk will soon unveil AfiFarm 5.2, a software version that will mark a new era in dairy farm management programs. Live dashboards for the herd manager in the office and the milking manager in the rotary parlorMost advanced touchscreen rotary ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Custom Cabinets for a Complete Package

    Custom Cabinets for a Complete Package

    What parlor is complete without sleek cabinets to provide a polished, finished look? We’ve taken our knowledge and experience in tough design and strong construction and applied it to creating cabinets that work in any barn. As with all of our milk parlor equipment, our cabinets come with a five-year warranty and assurance that you are installing the toughest, longest-lasting product.